Cedar County Fair

Pre-Fair & Fair Resources

Find project guidelines, pre-fair entry forms, and project supporting information sheets

July 17-21, 2024

Every summer 4-H youth participate in the Cedar County Fair to showcase their knowledge and skills they have gained CedarCountyFairthroughout the year.  Their 4-H projects reflect the evolving interests of youth in the world today, from working with animals, gardening, woodworking, sewing, and cooking to photography, robotics, GPS, and computers.  4-H youth spend months working on projects designed to equip them with essential life skills such as problem solving, decision making, project management, communications and public speaking.  4-Hers then share their accomplishments and educate the public about their project at the Cedar County Fair.  The 4-H projects are evaluated by judges skilled in the project areas and given feedback, encouragement, tips and advice to help them improve their skills.  4-Hers who demonstrate the highest achievements are then selected to showcase their exhibits at the Nebraska State Fair!  The Cedar County Fair not only makes great memories, it helps 4-H youth grow into successful adults!