Home Environment Project Ideas

Looking for ideas for your next 4-H project?  We have compiled a list of educational and do it yourself projects via video or pdf instructions to give you ideas for projects you can make yourself or embelish on to make it your own.  Be creative and have fun making your projects! 

Home Environment

Embroidery Hoop Sign  -  a 2 page pdf  instruction sheet by Megan Hanefeldt

Fabric Coil Bowl  -  A vidoe from Angela Abts on how to make a small oval fabric coil bowl

Floral Arrangement  -  a 3 page pdf from Megan Hanefeldt on how to put a floral arrangement together and a PowerPoint about the Principals and Elements of Floral Design

Mason Jar String Art  -  a 4 page pdf instruction sheet by McKae Sudbeck

Mop Gnome - a 3 page pdf instructions sheet by Jackie Steffen