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STEAM 1 Sewing Pattern Possibilities - list of pattern possibilities appropriate for STEAM 1 skill level
STEAM Sewing and Beyond the Needle Skills Lists

Crop Production Record Sheet

Clover Kid Web Page  -  Web page explains what is a clover kid and lists examples of clover kid projects and activities

Companion Animals Webpage - dogs, cats, and household pets
     Nebraska 4-H Dog Show Rules - 4-H 420 (pdf 50 pages)
     Dog Showmanship Clinic Video - from Lancaster County

Health Rocks! Interactive Game - allows youth to test their knowledge of drug and alcohol facts, and health through carnival-themed games

Online 4-H Manuals & Project Resources
          Bucket Calf Project Guide  (22 pages)
          Crops Manuals (Soybean & Corn)  scroll down for free pdf downloads through ISU for several cropping resource worksheets and manuals
          Entomology Manual (64 pages) old manual shows how to make display box
          Genealogy Worksheets - forms from Purdue Extension
          I Have What It Takes To Be Your Teen Babysitter (79 pages) - Human Development Manual
          Preserving Heirlooms (88 pages) - instructions for preserving heirlooms and trunks
          Preparing Cut Flowers for Fairs (11 pages)
          Selecting & Preparing Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit for Fairs (24 pages)