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Private Pesticide Applicator Training dates are set for 2023. Cedar County training dates will be February 7 and March 7 in Hartington in the Auditorium Basement at 1:00 pm. If you have your Nebraska Department of Agriculture letter please bring it with you to the training along with a photo identification, and $50 training fee. This letter will have a barcode that is needed for recertification. If you are unable to attend an in-person training you can participate in an online via Zoom or self-study training. Read more for more information and options for private pesticide certification/recertification trainings.
Enrollment for the 2023 4-H program year has opened for members, clover kids and volunteers. New and returning club members, as well as new and returning club leaders must enroll through 4HOnline. Use the new Pick-Your-Project resource guide to aid you in selecting your project areas for the 2023 year.
Anyone wishing to apply fertilizer or pesticides to land or crops in or with water through an on-farm irrigation system must obtain a chemigation applicator certificate. Cedar County will host a face-to-face Chemigation Training on Tuesday, March 7, at 9:00 am at the Hartington City Auditorium Basement.
Cold weather has major impacts for our animals, especially through increased energy to keep animals warm. When we talk about the impact of cold weather on livestock, we have to start with understanding what a lower critical temperature is. The lower critical temperature is the threshold at which point animals need to start using energy to maintain body heat.
Snowy weather has limited grazing opportunities this winter, and feed costs are not doing budgets any favors. As we continue through the winter, are there opportunities to reduce feed losses and increase our feed efficiencies?
Knowing how to handle snow and ice is important for a healthy herd. Keep an eye on animals that must dig through more than 6 inches of snow or ¼ inch of ice, especially when cold temperatures are thrown into the mix. At this point we need to start watching animal condition, and be ready to supplement.

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Rural Nebraskans more pessimistic in 2022, poll shows

February 7, 2023
Rural Nebraskans are more pessimistic about their current and future well-being, as well as changes in their communities, according to the 2022 Nebraska Rural Poll.

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Four Rural Prosperity Nebraska Extension Educators Among New Cohort of Fellows for the Center for Great Plains Studies

January 26, 2023
The Center for Great Plains Studies has welcomed 15 new Great Plains Fellows into their ranks.

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Soil Health Conference Set for Feb. 9 at Eastern Nebraska Research, Extension and Education Center

January 23, 2023
Registration is open for the 2023 Eastern Nebraska Soil Health Conference (formerly Nebraska Cover Crop Conference). The conference will take place on Thursday, Feb. 9 at the Eastern Nebraska Research, Extension and Education Center near Mead.

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2023 Dry Edible Bean Day set for Feb. 7, Gering Civic Center

January 22, 2023
The 2023 Nebraska Dry Edible Bean Day will be an in-person event this February, featuring the Nebraska Dry Bean Growers Association’s annual meeting and updates on bean-related research in Nebraska.

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