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Pastures are short this year, hay is in tight supply, and the cost of feeding a cow is up. Whether feeding your own hay or buying on the market, having the hay tested to know it’s true value is vital.
Winter can be a stressful time for pasture plants, but sending them into the cold months ahead fully prepared will result in better growth when warmth returns next spring. With dry conditions already putting a strain on our pastures, how we manage this fall can have a big impact next year.
With forage being tight this year as we head into winter, a late alfalfa cutting may be on your mind, but we need to take into consideration the impactions a harvest in later September or October have for next spring. Typically alfalfa needs six weeks of uninterrupted growth before the average first frost to winterize.
Late summer always seems like a time when weeds can become quite noticeable in pastures. While they may be an eye sore, control methods now are limited. Preventing seed spread is key to control the population of annual weeds next year. Improve grazing management and time herbicides for the best window of control so herbicides won’t be needed as often in the future.
Besides limiting forage production, dry weather can create another problem for producers to deal with, that of nitrate toxicity. When growth stops due to stress like drought, plants continue to uptake nitrogen if they can. However, with nowhere for this nitrogen to be used up, it collects in the lower part of the stem as nitrate. When livestock consume this high nitrate forage, we have issues.

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Master Gardener tips for the Panhandle – Week of October 2 , 2022

September 30, 2022
Here is the weekly crop of Master Gardener tips from Nebraska Extension in the Panhandle, relevant to local lawn and garden issues in the High Plains and consistent with research-based recommendations.

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Chancellor heralds affordability, N2025 progress, return of historic columns

September 29, 2022
Building upon a celebration of employees and their role in powering the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s successes, Chancellor Ronnie Green set an enrollment goal and announced the future home of a set of historic columns during his Sept. 28 State of Our University Address.

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Returning to the Farm workshop for families in transition is December 9, 10 in York

September 23, 2022
The Center for Agricultural Profitability at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will present Returning to the Farm, a workshop series for families who are in the transition process of bringing members back to the farm or ranch. It will begin with a two-day workshop in York for multi-generational families on Dec. 9 and 10 at the Holthus Convention Center, 3130 Holen Ave.

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Brent Plugge honored with Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of County Agriculture Agents

September 22, 2022
Brent Plugge received the Distinguished Service Award (DSA) from the National Association of County Agriculture Agents during the 2022 Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference.

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