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The Cedar County enrollment is now open for the 2022 4-H year. Join Cedar County 4-H now and take advantage of the fun activities being planned early in addition to the activities planned for this summer!
With first cutting alfalfa, comes the annual appearance of alfalfa weevils chewing through stands and destroying yields and quality. Proper scouting, identification, and treatment are needed to properly handle these hay field pests. Use economic thresholds to decide if harvest or insecticides are the best option when larval levels pass thresholds and keep an eye out even after first cutting for a late flush.
Implanting suckling calves is a decision every operation needs to make, considering how it will impact overall herd and production goals. While we know that implementation will increase average daily gain if grass production is adequate, we can’t predict what the exact response will be.
Summer annual grasses are tough weeds to deal with, especially in perennial systems like pasture or hay fields. They can take advantage of the smallest opportunity to invade and once established, are hard to control, but with the right product, a bit of patience, and proper timing, it doesn’t have to be a problem we can’t control.
A dry winter and cold spring have many pastures greening slowly and lacking growth. Despite the slow start, most of us are counting the days we can turn out to pasture with high feed costs. While we may be ready to let animals graze, turning out too early can set a pasture back and lower total growth, something we don’t want with the threat of drought this summer.
Proper stocking is a cornerstone of proper grazing management and a healthy pasture. While we might be aware of the importance of proper stocking, we may fail to properly adjust rates to match the current reality of our operation. Proper stocking depends on two factors, animal intake and pasture productivity.

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Estimated Crop Water Use

May 16, 2022
The estimated crop water use for Nebraska Panhandle crops for the previous week and the upcoming week is shown in this table. It is based on data gathered by and calculations made by Gary Stone, Nebraska Extension educator, and Dr. Xin Qiao, Extension Irrigation and Water Management Specialist, both based at the UNL Panhandle Research and Extension Center in Scottsbluff.

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Agsplosion brings agriculture to local students

May 16, 2022
More than 700 elementary students from western Nebraska got a hands-on education recently about Nebraska agriculture during the Agsplosion event that was held in 5 different locations in the Panhandle.

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Master Gardener tips for the Panhandle – Week of May 16, 2022

May 15, 2022
Are you looking for agricultural information that you can trust? Look no further than University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension publications!

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Two Record Keeping Workshops Offered in Rushville

May 10, 2022

Lincoln, Neb. —Keeping your records up to date on the farm or ranch is important but can be a complicated task. Nebraska Extension is offering two workshops in Rushville at the Sheridan County Extension Office (800 S Loofborrow Street) on May 23. These workshops will help you develop an easier process in keeping records by using tools, resources and tips taught during the sessions.

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