Fairbooks & Scoresheets

2023 Cedar County 4-H/FFA Exhibitor's Fairbook

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Fairbook Cover - picture drawn by Clara Wuebben 
Fairbook Changes from 2022 to 2023  (1 page)      
General Information  (3 pages)
Livestock & Vet Science - (17 pages) National Code of Show Ring Ethics, Animal Requirements, Livestock Rules & Regulations, Showmanship, Herdsmanship, Stall Decorating, Round Robin, Premium Recognition, Beef, Sheep, Swine, Dairy, Baucket Calf, Goats, Horse, Poultry, Rabbits, Cat, Dog, Companion Animals, Animal Educational Display, Veterinary Science
Communications - (3 pages) Communications, Presentation Contest, Public Speaking, Theater Arts, Music Contest
Pre-Fair Day Project Areas(9 pages) Clothing, Fashion Show, Shopping in Style, Knitting, Crochet, Quilt Quest (sewn exhibits)
Consumer & Family Science - (12 pages) Quilt Quest (non-sewn exhibits), My Financial Future, Photography, Heritage, Design My Place, Let's Create Crafts/Celebrate Arts, Visual Arts, Heirloom Treasures, Design Decisions, Human Development
Entrepreneurship - (2 pages) Entrepreneurship
Environmental Education & Earth Science - (8 pages) Wildlife & Conservation, Harvesting Equipment, Taxidermy, Natural Resources, Outdoor Adventures, Entomology, Forestry, Shooting Sports
Healthy Lifestyles - (7 pages) Favorite Food Revue, Cook-Off Contest, General Foods, Cooking 101, Cooking 201, Cooking 301, Cooking 401, Food Preservation (Freezing, Drying, Boiling Water Canning, Pressure Canning), Cake Decorating, Decorated Cookies & Cupcakes, Food From the Kitchen, Food Flop, Recipe Collection, Safety, Fire Safety 
Citizenship & Leadership - (2 pages) Citizenship, Diversity I2I, Leadership 
Plant Science - (9 pages) Field Crops, Weed Science, Range Management, Floriculture, Houseplants, Vegetable & Herb Gardening, Special Gardening Project 
Science, Engineering & Technology - (8 pages) Aerospace, Computers, Electricity, Robotics, Geospatial, Power of Wind, Woodworking, Welding  
Clover Kids - (2 pages)

2024 Nebraska State Fair Fairbook & Scoresheets

In the Nebraska State Fairbook you will find information needed to participate in events and requirements of exhibits at the Nebraska State Fair.  Scroll to bottom of each project area webpage to find scoresheets as to what judges will be looking for when evaluating your fair exhibits.  Scoresheets used at the Nebraska State Fair are also used at the Cedar County Fair.

2023 Cedar County Open Class Fairbook

Cover Pages & Fairboard List  (2 pages)
Open Class Rules & Regulations  (2 pages)
Open Class Information Page  (1 page)
Department Location Information  (2 pages)
Department 1 - Horticulture    Junior Division    Senior Division  (2 pages each)
Department 2 - Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts    Junior Division     Senior Division  (4 pages each)
Department 3 -  Domestic Science (10 pages)
Department 4 - Plants & Flowers     Junior Division     Senior Division  (5 pages each)
Department 5 - Needlework  (5 pages)
Department 6 - Senior Citizens  (3 pages)
Department 7 - Nursing Homes & Assisted Living  (2 pages)
Department 8 - Fine Arts, Crafts & Ceramics  (5 pages)
Department 10 - Arts & Crafts for  Youth    Ages 6-11     Ages 12-16  (5 pages each)
Department 11 - Livestock  (6 pages)     Livestock Show Requirements
Department 12 - Photography  (2 pages)
Department 13 - Quilt Show  (17 pages)