Nebraska Land Values, Cash Rental Rates, Farm Lease Forms

2024 Preliminary Land Values & Rental Rates

March 13, 2024
Preliminary findings from the 2024 Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Survey show an increase in agricultural land values and rental rates.  Land industry professionals reported the rise in Nebraska agricultural land values were attributed to higher commodity prices, purchases for operation expansion, favorable financial situations for current owners and an increase in buyers acquiring land as a hedge against inflation.

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2023 Nebraska Farm Real Estate Report  

The 2023 Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Highlights provides insight on recent trends in agricultural land values and rental rates across Nebraska.  The agricultural land values and rental rates in the report represent averages for different regions within Nebraska based on surveys completed by agricultural panel members.  This publication was created for informative purposes to assist you in making educated decisions regarding your agricultural business.

The current Nebraska agricultural land values can be viewed on pages 3 - 7 of this report. 
The current cash rental rates can be found on pages 14 & 15 of this report.

2022 Cash Rental Rates Map 

updated as of August 26, 2022
You may view the 2022 Cash Rental Rates Maps which show the cash rent statistics paid per acre on irrigated and non-irriagated cropland and pasture per each county.  Source: USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service for Nebraska.

Farm Lease Forms for Cash, Crop-Share, Pasture, etc...

Here you will find leases for cash rent, crop-share, pasture, equipment, etc.  Each lease and supporting document was written to help producers and land owners discuss issues and make informed and equitable decisions.