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Cropping & Water Systems

By Mitiku Mamo, Extension Educator, Cedar, Dixon, Knox, and Wayne Counties

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, there is a concern that Dairy Farmers may not be able to ship milk to processors. Consequently, in the event they find themselves in this situation, some local farmers have been making inquiries on agronomic rate of land applying milk as a fertilizer. Milk is an organic and the same principals used to manage manure can be used to manage milk when land applying it.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) Director Steve Wellman has issued an order easing restrictions on pesticide applicators whose licenses are up for renewal. The order temporarily postpones certain training requirements outlined in the Nebraska Pesticide Act and extends valid pesticide applicators’ licenses if conditions are met.

Nebraska Extension has canceled all in-person trainings, including chemigation and pesticide applicator trainings. In lieu of in-person training sessions, we are directing all applicators to use our online program to certify or recertify. Read more for more information and links to trainings.
Three citizen meetings have been scheduled in the Bazile Groundwater Management Area. The goal of these meetings is to have everyone who lives, works or farms within the Bazile Groundwater Management Area participate in a discussion about water quality issue in the area. These meetings are an opportunity to voice your opinion and concerns regarding groundwater contamination throughout the area.
Cedar County's Private Pesticide Applicator Training date is scheduled for Monday, February 10 at the Hartington City Auditorium Basement with training sessions at 1:30 or 6:00 pm. If you are unable to attend an in-person training you can take an online training. Read more for a list of other training dates scheduled within the state.
Nebraska Extension is your trusted source for flood-related information. Visit as a resource for information in coping with a flood disaster for families, homeowners, businesses & communities, and agriculture. Also, Haskell Ag Lab near Concord is serving as a collection location for Hay donations and fencing materials for livestock owners impacted by the flooding.