Timely Topics for Crops and Cow Calf Producers

2017 Trends in Nebraska Farmland Markets

Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Highlights - Cash Rental Rates are on pages 14-15
2016 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates - Part 1 (spring & summer operations)
2016 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates - Part 2 (fall & miscellaneious oeprations)

Farm Lease Forms (Cash and Crop-Share for farm, livestock, buildings and more)
Cash Grain Bids (enter your zip code to find cash bids and basis levels for the five evevators closest to you)

Grazing Stocks Do You Have an Agreement

Hay & Forage Minutes

  • Weeds in Alfalfa May Sugget Reseeding
  • Correct Timing for Making Silage
  • Wrapping Hay to Beat the Weather
  • Firm Seedbeds for Planting Grasses and Alfalfa
  • 2017 Pasture Rental Rates
  • Use Care When Burning Grasslands
  • and more

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