Extension Is On The Move Newsletter

January - 2021

On the Ranch Over & Under Feeding;  Removing Net Wrap & Twine; Pasture Fertility; Winter Bull Management; Annual Cow Costs – The Big Three; System Budgets for a Cow Herd

 In the Field - Private Pesticide Applicator Training Options

 Healthy Eating - Healthy & Safe Meals Using a Slow Cooker; Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

 Today’s Future - Wear Layers Being Active Outdoors; Parenting Style 101

 World of Work - How to Build a Foundation of Positive Youth Development in Young People; Tips for Resolutions that Last; Great Plains Growers Conference

 Splash into Extension - Iron & Maganese in Water

 In the Dirt - Fun Facts & Safety Tips about Holiday Plants; Garden Guide

June - 2020 (8.75 mb)

On the Ranch - Field Bindweed; Dealing with Blister Beetles
In the Field - 2020 Soybean Gall Midge Alert Network; Corn Ear Development Impacts from Post-Emergence Pesticide Applications; Spring Miller Moth Invasion 
Healthy Eating - Men’s Health Month; Making Cool 4th of July Memories
Today’s Future - Go Fish! Planning a Safe Family Fishing Adventure; Great Outdoors Holds Great Opportunity for Your Children; Serving Up Salsa
World of Work - 5 Reasons to Support Your Famers Market
Splash into Extension - Managing Lawn Diseases
In the Dirt - Timely Tips for New Vegetable Gardeners; Young Strawberry Care

March - 2020 (3.68mb)

On the Ranch - Is the Price Right?; Beef Production Calendar
In the Field - Management of Defoliating Insects in Nebraska Soybeans
Healthy Eating - Salt Awareness Week; Celebrate Frozen Food Month
Today’s Future - Making Mindfulness a Priority; Engaging Children in Walking & Hiking; 4 Ways to Teach Your Children Money Management; Growing Beans on Cotton Balls
World of Work - Tractor Safety Course Offered to Teens; 4-H Enrollment is Open
Splash into Extension - Gardens for Water & Pollinators; Are You Concerned About your Water
In the Dirt - Growing Onions – Set, Plants, Seeds; Dahlia “City Lights Purple” Best of Show; Pruning to Create Strength & Good Structure in Young Trees; Prune Evergreen Shrubs in Winter?

January 2020 - (1.9 MB)

On the Ranch - How Hot Hay Changes Forage Quality; Women in Ag Conference; Nebraska Poultry Conference

In the Field - Private Applicator Certification/Recertification Program; 2020 FAQ for RUP Dicamba Herbicides; LENRD- Bazile Groundwater Management Area No-till, Cover Crops, & Planned Grazing Systems Workshop

Healthy Eating - Oatmeal Month; Fiber Focus Month

Today’s Future - Homemade Granola to Go; Keep Your Family Active During the Winter Months

World of Work- 4-H Enrollment is Open; Youth Mentoring

Splash into Extension - Nebraska Chemigation

In the Dirt Care for Holiday Plants;  Plants for Pollinators; All That Glitters; Prune Evergreen Shrubs in Winter?

November 2019
(1.85 mb)

September 2019 (5.98 mb)

  • On the Ranch - The Implications of this Year’s Rains on Next Year’s Calf Crop; 2019 NE Cow-Calf Pair & Stocker Rental Rates
  • In the Field - Better Soybean Storage Starts with Good Harvest Moisture; Harvesting Prevent-Plant Sudans & Sorghums; Free Farm Finance & Ag Law Clinics; Highboy Cover Crop Seeding Demonstration
  • Healthy Eating - Watermelon
  • Today’s Future - Kick Those Germs to the Curb!
  • World of Work - Fitness Works; Free Web-based Session for Early Childhood Professionals
  • Splash into Extension- Plants for Wet Sites
  • In the Dirt - September Garden Activities; Lawn Issues; Dothistroma Needle Blight; Plant Asters for Fall Color

January 2019

  • On the Ranch - Beef Profit Tips Program; Supplement Cows to Improve Calf Performance; Feeding Moldy Hay
  •  In the Field - Dicamba Label-Required Training; Chemigation Certification Schedule; What’s New in Entomology: Eastern NE
  •  Healthy Eating - National Slow Cooking Month; National Folic Acid Awareness Week

  •  Today’s Future - What Would You Most Love to Accomplish During this Precious Year of Opportunity?; Reduce Screen Time & Get Active; Join 4-H the Opportunities are Endless; Test Your Home for Radon
  •  World of Work - University of Nebraska’s 150-year History Points to the Future
  •  Splash into Extension  - Winter Desiccation
  • In the Dirt - Garden Guide; For the Birds!

December 2018

  • On the Ranch - No Kidding – Goats Becoming More Popular in Nebraska; Remove Net Wrap & Twine; Feeding Alfalfa as a Protein Supplement
  •  In the Field - 5 Things to do for Your Year-End Tax Planning; Confronting Crop Challenges & Update Applicator Recertification
  •  Healthy Eating - Healthy(er) Baking
  •  Today’s Future - The Sandwich Generation
  •  World of Work - Finding Time for Fitness Over the Holidays
  •  Splash into Extension - Drought Tolerant Shrubs; CropWater App for Irrigation Management
  • In the Dirt - Make a Holiday Wreath; Starting Seeds Indoors

September 2018

  • On the RanchWhen to Rotate Alfalfa; 2018 NE Cow-Calf Pair and Stocker Rental Rates
  • In the Field - Orange Gall Midge in Soybeans; Grain Drying and Storage Tips
  •  Healthy Eating - How to Grill Tasty Vegetables; Vegetable Whole Grain Pasta Salad
  •  Today’s Future - Too Busy for Family Time?; Kick Those Germs to the Curb; Promoting Teacher and Family Well-being
  • World of Work - Hops Grower and Brewer Conference & Trade Show
  • Splash into Extension - Nebraska GeoCloud: An Information Hub for Nebraska Groundwater
  • In the Dirt - Storing Vegetables & Fruit; Early Fall in the Landscape

February 2018

  • On the Ranch: Snow or Water What's the Difference; Calving & Handling Calving Difficulties; Nebraska Equine Webinar; Private Pesticide Applicator Training
  • In the Field: Pre-Harvest Marketing Non-Irrigated Corn
  • Healthy Eating: Heart-Healthy Choices
  • Today's Future: Physical Activity Hibernation
  • World of Work: Characteristics of Financially Resilient Farms
  • Splash into Extension: Winter's Double Whammy; Distillation and the Sun
  • In the Dirt: Tips & Tricks for Successful Seed Starting; Plan for Fruit Tree Sprays: Fast Forward to Spring

December 2017 (pdf 1073 kb)

September 2017 (pdf 947 kb)

June 2017 Issue (pdf 971 kb)

February 2017 Issue (pdf 1.37 MB)

  • On the Ranch: Critical Leg of the Journey from Replacement Heifer to Mature Cow; Beef Profitability Workshop; NE Sheep & Goat Tour; Animal Disease Response Training
  • In the Field: Considering Non Bt Traited Corn in 2017?; Nebraska Crop Budgets
  • Healthy Eating: Vitamins; Basic Foods for Cupboard, Fridge & Freezer
  • Today's Future: Indoor Fitness Activities
  • World of Work: Changing Rural Population: The Long View
  • Splash into Extension: Water is a Nutrient, Too
  • In the Dirt: Keeping Mice Out; 2017 All-American Vegetable Award Winners; 2017 Tree Care Workshop; Japanese Beetles

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