Extension Is On The Move Newsletter

September 2017 (pdf 947 kb)

June 2017 Issue (pdf 971 kb)

February 2017 Issue (pdf 1.37 MB)

  • On the Ranch: Critical Leg of the Journey from Replacement Heifer to Mature Cow; Beef Profitability Workshop; NE Sheep & Goat Tour; Animal Disease Response Training
  • In the Field: Considering Non Bt Traited Corn in 2017?; Nebraska Crop Budgets
  • Healthy Eating: Vitamins; Basic Foods for Cupboard, Fridge & Freezer
  • Today's Future: Indoor Fitness Activities
  • World of Work: Changing Rural Population: The Long View
  • Splash into Extension: Water is a Nutrient, Too
  • In the Dirt: Keeping Mice Out; 2017 All-American Vegetable Award Winners; 2017 Tree Care Workshop; Japanese Beetles

December 2016 Issue

  • On the Ranch: Winter Hay Considerations; Beef Profit Tips Workshops; Ranching For Profitability Series
  • In the Field: Test for SCN This Fall & Select Seed; Crop Production Clinics
  • Healthy Eating: Making Comfort Foods Healthier; New Year, healthier you
  • Today's Future: How to be a 90/10 Person; 7 Super Things Parents & Caregivers Can  Do
  • World of Work: Good Records: The foundation of a strong business
  • Splash into Extension: Winter De-icing Agents for the Homeowner; Estimating Home Water Use Needs
  • In the Dirt: December Landscape Question and Answer; Poinsettias Brighten the Holidays - Selection & Care; Winter Wildlife Projects

April 2016 Issue

On the Ranch

  • Replacement Heifers
  • Make Pasture Fertilizing Pay
  • Early Graze to Control Weeds in Native Pastures

 In the Field

•Pros & Cons of Using Companion Crops When Planting Alfalfa
●Control Early Stages of Marestail and Kochia
●Managing & Preparing for Nitrogen Loss

 Healthy Eating

•Coffee Drinkers Have Clearer Arteries
•Asparagus with Toasted Almonds & Garlic
●Roasted Broccoli & Red Peppers

 Today’s Future

•Be a Healthy Role Model
•Banking for Teens

 World of Work

•Treating Your Body Like a Computer
●Raising Nebraska

Splash into Extension


 In the Dirt

•Signs of Spring
•American Hornbeam
●Lawn Care Practices
●Ash Tree Borer Holes

January 2016 Issue
On the Ranch

• Beef Profit Workshops

• Nutrition Tips for Your Horse

● Managing Market Risk Workshop

●Goats Beneficial to Vegetation Management

In the Field

• Private Pesticide Applicator Dates

●Resistance Problems Not Limited to Weeds & Insects

 Healthy Eating

• Slow Cooking Month

• Prevent Portion Distortion

 Today’s Future

• Physical Activity is Important for All Ages

• No More Whining

●House Dust Mites

World of Work

• Financial Emergency Kit

Splash into Extension

• Our Well Water Tested High for TDS

In the Dirt

• Managing Ice & Snow Around Your Home

• Garden Guide

●Fruit Flies

●Pruning Fruit Trees

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