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New Child Passenger Law Takes Effect January 1, 2019

What can you do when your child is afraid?

Give hugs, reassurance and talk to your child about what is making him feel afraid.

Never laugh or make fun of your child’s fears —and do not get angry with him.

Never threaten a child with the bogeyman or spooky stories. Be sure that older children or adults do not scare your child for their own fun.

Avoid scary television programs or movies.

Try play-acting, drawing, using dolls, puppets or stories to help your child talk about a frightening experience. She might learn to tell a frightening monster, “Go away. I don’t like you, and I don’t want you to come back.” This may help your child feel more in control of her life.

Help your child understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy fears. For example, your child needs to know that the loud scream of the fire engine is a healthy fear and means, “Danger, get out of the way!”
Source: Just In Time Parenting

Toddlers in quality child care do better in school.

Look for a program that is safe, nurturing, and has lots of learning opportunities.

Look for:

*Teachers who talk and listen to the children — which helps your toddler learn language skills.

*Teachers who play with the children —making it feel safe for your toddler to learn social skills.
Many different kinds of play — building, reading, sorting, pretending, and drawing.

*No T.V. for toddlers. If there is television, make sure there are limits on time and that the shows are right for your toddler’s age.

*Rules and routines which are easy to follow. Learning to follow rules and routines will help your toddler be ready for school.

*Chances to visit the program before you sign up and drop in after your child is enrolled. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Source: Just In Time Parenting

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