Nebraska Youth Beekeeping Scholarships

Applications are now being accepted through December 1, 2023, for the 2024 Youth Beekeeping Scholarship Program offered by the Nebraska Beekeepers Association.

The NBA Youth Beekeeping Scholarships are an important investment in the future, helping to promote environmental sustainability, provide valuable skills and experiences for young people, and support the vital role of bees in our ecosystems. A NBA youth scholarship provides young people with the opportunity to learn about and develop an interest in beekeeping, which is an important and rewarding skill. This is particularly important given the crucial role that bees play in the environment and in food production.

- To educate youth in the art of beekeeping to promote a better understanding of the value of honeybees to our environment and to the food chain.
- To provide an opportunity for youth to experience responsibility and enjoyment through beekeeping.
- To provide an avenue for youth to engage in an avocation and gain the potential to pursue beekeeping as a sideline or full time vocation.

Youth awarded the 2024 Youth Beekeeping Scholarship will receive:
- A one year membership in the Nebraska Beekeepers Association.
- A beginning beekeeper seminar registration and textbook.
- A set of woodenware for a beehive - (3) medium boxes for brood, (30) medium frames/with foundation, (1) medium body, (10) medium frames/with foundation for honey super.
- A nuc or package of bees for the hive.
- Beekeeping gear: (1) hat, (1) veil, (1 pair) gloves, (1) hive tool, and (1) smoker.
- Mentoring by a NBA member for one year.

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