2020 Spotlight on 4-H Newsletter Issues

  • July 2020 (pdf-8 pages)
  • June 2020 (pdf-8 pages)
  • May 2020 (pdf-8 pages)
    Nebraska 4-H Summer Camps
    Library Innovation Studios
    Grab & Go Lesson - Measure & Create Fluffy Paint
    How 4-H Contributes to Social Emotional Learning
    Horticulture Donation Projects
    STE(A)M - What Does it Mean & Why is it Important?
    Citizenship Washington Focus
    UNL - Financial Support to Attend the University
  • April 2020 (pdf-8 pages)
    Nebraska 4-H Response to COVID-19
    Clubs of Excellence
    Clover Kid - Grab & Go Lesson
    Communicating Clearly
    4-H Virtual Cat Club
    Get Your Kids in the Kitchen
    Family Tree Treasure Hunt
    Renovations to Transform UNL East Campus Library
  • March 2020 (pdf-8 pages)
    Volunteer Risk Management
    Adult Roles in 4-H
    Plant Science - Grab & Go
    Developing Resilient Youth
    Special Gardening Project
    Entrepreneurship Projects
    How to Plan a 4-H Club Service Project
    UNL - Big Changes for Becoming a Registered Dietitian
  • February 2020 (pdf-8 pages)

    How to Pick Your Project & Enroll  in 4-H
    Parli Pro in a 4-H Club Meeting
    Sugar Shockers Activity Guide
    How to Spark a Youth’s Interest
    2020 4-H State Livestock ID Requirements
    Introducing Photography to Youth
    Hosting a Successful Quilts of Valor Ceremony
    CASNR Clubs and Organizations

  • January 2020 (pdf-8 pages)

    4-H Experiential Learning “Process over Product”
    More Than Just a Club Meeting
    Leadership Begins with Knowing Yourself
    How to Talk Positively with Youth
    4-H Horse Judging Opportunities
    Creating Opportunities for Leadership-at All Ages
    UNL-Is a Career in Food for You?