2018 and 2017 Spotlight Newsletter

  • June 2018 (pdf-8 pages)
    4-H Volunteers & Judges
    Club Meetings: Creating a Cohesive Club
    Grab & go: Presentations
    Contests: Speech & PSA
    Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA)
    Creating Purple Ribbon Projects Through Info Sheets
    Camp Counselor, Your Summer Hero
    UNL and How to Choose a Degree Program

  • May 2018 (pdf-8 pages)
    Club Meetings: Brain Breaks
    Grab & Go: Showing Rabbits & Poultry
    Contests: National 4-H Poultry Judging
    Crop Projects Teach Careers & More
    Keep HOT Food Hot & COLD Food Cold
    4-H Leaderhip Opportunities
    UNL and Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program

  • April 2018 (pdf-8 pages)
    Nebraska National 4-H Congress
    Club Meetings: Lead up to Career Portfolios
    Grab & Go: Sit, Stay, Dog Project
    Contests: Hippology
    Livestock & Horse Skillathon & Quiz Bowl
    Determining Personal Colors
    Personal Management
    UNL and Grazing Livestock Systems

  • March 2018 (pdf-8 pages)
    Here's Help for Your Student's Next Chapter
    Club Meetings: Money Management
    Grab & Go - Finding Passion & Discovering Strength
    4-H Contests: PASE/Life Challenge
    Crop Programming Opportunities
    What is "Issue Team: Healthy Lifestyles for Children" up to?
    Teens as Teachers
    UNL - Fisheries & Wlidlife

  • February 2018 (pdf-10 pages)
    4-H Code of Conduct
    Club Meetings: An Essential Part of the 4-H Experience
    Grab & Go - Team Building
    Citizenship Washington Focus
    2018 Livestock ID Requirements for State Fair/AKSARBEN
    Did You Know?
    Human Development Project - Teaching Kids About Ages & Stages
    Service Learning
    UNL - Students Study Abroad

  • January 2018 (pdf-10 pages)
    New Handbook Provides Information on 4-H Council Role
    Best Practices for Club Leaders
    Grab & Go-Parli Pro
    Special Garden Project
    Cooking Up Some New 4-H Curriculum!
    Focus on 4-H Food Preservation!
    Diamond Clover Program
    UNL - How to Choose a Degree Program 

2017 Issues

July 2017 (pdf-8 pages)

  • 4-H Leaders Share Their Stories
  • Social Media and 4-H Clubs
  • Club Activity: Trust Walk Activity
  • 2017 Culinary Challenge Contest
  • Tips for Showing Beef
  • Food Preservation Canning Tips
  • Service Learning
  • UNL Food Science & Technology Provides Great Career Opportunities

June 2017 (pdf-8 pages)

  • Essential Elements of Youth Programs
  • Ways to Increase Interest in 4-H Clubs
  • Club Activity: Focus on Forestry
  • Horticulture Contest
  • Livestock Sportsmanship
  • Beyond the Needle: Tips & Tricks
  • Tweens as Leaders
  • UNL Expert Tips for Teens...At the Job Interview

May 2017 (pdf-8 pages)

  • How Teens Think: Implictions for 4-H Programming
  • Clover Kids as part of a Club
  • Club Activity: Clover Kid-Butterflies
  • Life Challenge Contest
  • Crops Projects Teach Careers & More
  • Illusions of Lines in Design
  • Community Partnerships
  • New East Campus Residence Hall

April 2017 (pdf-8 pages)

  • 4-H: Helping Nebraska Students Write their Next Chapter
  • Parental/Guardian Buy-in to the Club
  • Club Activity: Livestock
  • 4-H Contests: Livestock Quiz Bowl
  • Livestock Disease Prevention
  • 4-H Builds Strong Families
  • Our Hands for Service
  • Interview Skills for Success

March 2017 (pdf-8 pages)

  • The Value of Contests in 4-H
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Club Activity: Healthy Lifestyles
  • 4-H Contests: Interview Contest
  • Premises ID & EID Tags
  • Are You Ready for a Disaster? (Emergency Preparedness)
  • Utilizing Jr. Leaders to Serve & Lead
  • Celebration of Youth: 4-H and CEHS

February 2017 (pdf-8 pages)

  • Growth Goals & 4-H Grows Here
  • Introducing New Families to 4-H
  • Club Activity: Engineering a Hovercraft
  • 4-H Contests: Speech & Presentation
  • Youth for the Quality Care of Animals
  • Understanding Social & Emotional Needs of Youth
  • Youth Roles on 4-H Council
  • UNL East Campus Recreation & Wellness Center

January 2017 (pdf-8 pages)

  • 4-H Volunteer Screening
  • 4H Online Enrollment-Tips & Tricks
  • Club Activity: Communication & Public Speaking
  • 4-H Contests: Horse Stampede
  • Special Garden Project
  • Quilts of Valor
  • You Have Elected Your Officer Team…Now What?
  • UNL Campus Visit!