• July 2019 (pdf-8 pages)

    How to Disagree & Still Be Friends
    Club Meetings: Including Clover Kids
    Grab & Go: Clover Kid “Crazy About Corn”
    Contests: National 4-H Conference
    How Your Garden Grows!
    Nebraska Make It With Wool Competition
    Nebraska 4-H Foundation
    UNL’s Fisheries & Wildlife

  • June 2019 (pdf-8 pages)

    4-H Delivery Modes
    Club Management: 4-H Trip Ideas
    Grab & Go: Clover Kid Lessons
    Contests: Preparing Exhibits for Fair
    NE 4-H Fed Steer Challenge
    Cooking Up Some New 4-H Curriculum
    Seeing i2i
    UNL’s Individualize Advising

  • May 2019 (pdf-8 pages)

    Community Service
    Club Management: Beginning with Parli Pro
    Grab & Go: Animal Science
    Contests: FCS Quiz
    Pollinator FAQs
    Beyond the Needle Design Techniques
    Citizenship Washington Focus
    UNL’s Veterinary Technology

  • April 2019 (pdf-8 pages)

    Flood Response By Nebraska 4-H
    Club Management: Club Recognition
    Grab & Go: Careers
    Contests: Horticulture Judging Contest
    2019 4-H State Fair Animal Nomination/Identification Requirements
    Natural Disasters Often Bring Family Stress
    Growing Leaders in 4-H
    UNL’s Turfgrass & Landscape Management

  • March 2019 (pdf-8 pages)

    4-H Awards and Recognition
    Club Management: Accountability with 4-H Funds
    Grab & Go: Healthy Lifestyles
    Contests: Digital Video-4-H FilmFest
    Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA)
    Nebraska 4-H Quilts of Valor
    Hike Your Leadership Trail
    UNL’s Department of Animal Science

  • February 2019 (pdf-8 pages)

    Volunteer Screening Process
    Club Management: A Commitment to Youth Safety
    Grab & Go: Leadership
    4-H Contests: Dairy Judging Offers Additional Opportunity
    Crop Programming Opportunities
    Will You Accept the Challenge?
    Heritage-Every Family Has Their Stories
    UNL’s Forensic Science Program

  • January 2019 (pdf-8 pages)

    Importance of 4-H Council & Their Roles
    Club Management: 4-H Clubs of Excellence Award
    Grab & Go: Clover Kid Nutrition Lesson
    4-H Contests: Culinary Challenge Contest
    Special Gardening Project
    Healthy Habits
    Developing Leaders Through Priceless Preteen
    UNL East Campus Union Renovations