Morrill County NE 4-H Fair

July 22 - July 29, 2017

Morrill County Fair Schedule (pdf 1 pg)

Updated 5/19/17

Morrill County Fair 

2017 Special Garden Project

The Special Garden Project is a way to offer 4-H members the chance to grow unusual and fun projects in their gardens.  Last year over 2600 packets of zinnia seeds were distributed across the state.  4-H members told me what they wanted to grow and this year the Special Garden Project is focused on the tasty, Sunburst Summer Squash.  Sunburst squash has yellow, scalloped shaped fruits with bright-green blossom ends.  The plants are very productive and are an All-America Selection winner for its early fruit production and for producing a large number of fruits per plant.  On average it will take about 52 days from seeding date until the squash is ready to harvest.

4-H Members enrolled in the Special Garden Project will:

  • Receive seeds of Sunburst Summer Squash
  • Receive a newsletter and evaluation about:
    • Planting & growing squash
    • Squash problems & insects
    • Harvesting & using squash
    • How to exhibit squash
    • Be able to enter this unique vegetable at County and State Fair


Youth should enroll for the Special Garden Project through 4-H Online.  Once enrolled in 4-H Online, youth are then supposed to call their local office to sign up for the project (order the seeds).  By enrolling through 4-H Online, youth will have access to the box folder with the educational materials including the growing newsletter & evaluation.  

2017 Photography Theme

New Classes in Unit II and III for 2017
Unit II and Unit III NEBRASKA EXHIBIT PRINT: Reflect your definition of rural Nebraska. Capture rural living in your Nebraska county through your camera lens. Use your photo to express what rural means to you, why you value rural life or how rural life is changing. This is your story to tell.  

2017 Morrill County Fairbook

The web version of the Morrill County Fairbook is in PDF documents. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print these documents. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download. 

2017 Full Fair Book
    2017 Full Fair Book Index & County Fair Rules

Rules and Regulations (pdf, 7 pgs)

Department A - Heritage, Citizenship (pdf, 3 pgs)
Department B - Comunication & Expressive Arts (pdf, 7 pgs)
Department C - Clothing and Fashion Show (pdf, 5 pgs)
Department C - Consumer Management (pdf, 2 pgs)
Department C - Home Environment and Quilt Quest (pdf, 6 pgs)
Department C - Human Development (pdf, 2 pgs)
Department D - Conservation and Wildlife Management (pdf, 3 pgs)
Department D - Environmental Education and Earth Science (pdf, 5 pgs)
Department D - Shooting Sports (pdf, 2 pgs)
Department D - Dog (pdf, 2 pgs)
Department E - Foods (pdf, 6 pgs) 
Department E - Safety (pdf, 2 pgs)
Department F - Entrepreneurship (pdf, 2 pgs)
Department G - Field Crops & Weeds (pdf, 2 pgs)
Department G - Horse (pdf, 2 pgs)
Department G - Horticulture and Floriculture (pdf, 6 pgs)
Department G - Large Livestock (pdf, 4 pgs)
Department G - Small Animal (pdf, 4 pgs)
Department H - Entomology and Vet Science (pdf, 2 pgs)
Department H - Aerospace, Robotics, Electricity, Wood Science, Welding (pfd, 9 pgs)
Department I - Clover Kids (pdf, 3 pgs)

County Fair Animal Ownership Affidavits

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print these documents. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download.

Livestock ID Sheets are due into the extension office June 1st.

   Breeding Beef
   Bucket Calf
   Feeder Calf 
   Market Beef

   Dairy Goat
   Breeding Doe 
   Meat Goat



   Market Lamb

   Market Swine
   Swine Hormel Affidavit  (PDF)

Dog Vaccination Form (PDF 1 pg)
Cat Vaccination Form (PDF 1 pg)