As caring adults in young children’s lives we play a major role in setting the stage for lifelong learning, discovery and success. Nebraska Extension is committed to providing research-based strategies to help you support the holistic development of the young child in your care.

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Early Childhood

Children need family. Family time is important. Human beings have the right and responsibility to feel safe, comfortable, happy, and loved. Families, in all their remarkable diversity, are the basic foundation of all human cultures. Strong families are critical to the development of strong communities, and strong communities promote and nurture strong families.

Life is busy, especially for families. From late-night work meetings to school events and extracurriculars, families are on the go. This can often lead to rushed meals or meals on the go. With hectic schedules, it is important to plan relaxed family mealtimes into your schedule as often as possible. There are several benefits to relaxed family meals that include: the development of positive eating habits, creation of stronger parent-child bonds, and better school performance.

By Erin Kampbell, Extension Educator—Early Childhood, Nebraska Extension in Madison County

By Tasha Wulf, Early Childhood Development Extension Educator

Looking for fun, simple, activities to do this summer with young children, then check out A Beautiful Day website. A Beautiful Day uses ad-free videos to share ideas that foster learning and play while supporting caregivers. The University of Nebraska at Lincoln faculty and staff, along with their children are featured in these real-life, relatable videos that have been filmed in their kitchens, living rooms, and backyards. 

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Although we are familiar with the foods we prepare, for our children they are new and different. Children may be receptive to trying new foods or they may not be. They may even be teenagers before they are willing to try a new food and then only because they have not been pressured or manipulated to try it.

Since school will be out soon and the kids will be home for the summer, families are concerned how they are going to stretch the family’s money. Creating a budget and following it can be helpful!

The word “budgeting” often gets a negative first reaction, but in fact, this process and the resulting budget are quite beneficial. A budget is a financial plan for spending, a tool families can develop to help them use their money more effectively.