Quality Assurance Training

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Youth Quality Assurance Training is required for all 4-H members showing RABBITS, POULTRY, BEEF, GOATS, SWINE OR SHEEP at County or State Fair.  Members have three options for receiving training.

  • ONLINE: Complete three modules in the Livestock Quality Assurance Online Course. Course instructions can be found at this website: http://4h.unl.edu/qualityassurance. To enroll in the self-directed online course, Internet access and an email address are required. (Each 4-H youth will need their own unique email address to register.) NOTE:  The Online QA system is now charging a $12 fee to complete the course online.  Step by Step power point slides on how to sign up for YQCA can be found at this PDF link: "Getting Your YQCA Certification."
  • CLUB TRAINING: Attend a club training. If your club is not conducting any trainings or you are an Independent, you may attend another club’s training.
  • TEST:  If you are an intermediate or senior (12 or older), you may be able to test out. If you pass the test, you do not have to attend training. This is not difficult! Contact the UNL Extension office to take the test.

 Members must be Quality Assurance certified by June 15 to be eligible to compete at the County Fair. No trainings will be held after June 15.