Yard and Garden Call in Show

Yard and Garden is a live call-in show where our Host Nicole Stoner, Gage County Extension Educator can answer any questions you may have about your lawn, garden, landscape, bugs, or anything else green and growing.
WHEN TO LISTEN:  Every Friday (March-August) –  on-air from 10:00 to 11:30 am
HAVE A QUESTION:  CALL 402-729-3383 
        The following email address (nstoner2@unl.edu) can be used to send questions and/or photos of plant and pest problems.  All questions will be answered and some might be used on the radio program as well.
        A popular and successful portion of the program is having expert guests, from all areas of horticulture, to respond to the questions. During the season they give variety, add interest, and strengthen the program.
For more information: http://kwbe.com/yard-and-garden/

2018 Yard and Garden Guest Schedule

March 30, 2018 Justin Evertson, Green Infrastructure Coordinator, Nebraska Forest Service
April 6, 2018 Jonathan Larson & Jody Green, Nebraska Extension Educators
April 13, 2018 Kyle Broderick, Plant Pathology Extension Educator, UNL
April 20, 2018 NO SHOW
April 27, 2018 Dick Campbell, Owner of Campbell’s Nursery
May 4, 2018 George Pinkerton, Director of Maintenance of Downtown Lincoln
May 11, 2018 Paul Read, Viticulture Specialist, UNL Extension
May 18, 2018 Graham Herbst, Community Forester Specialist, Nebraska Forest Service
May 25, 2018 Sarah Browning, Extension Educator in Lancaster County
June 1, 2018 Jennifer Morris, Forest Health Specialist, Nebraska Forest Service
June 8, 2018 Donnie Engelhardt, Assistant Water Resource Director, LBNRD
June 15, 2018 Jim Kalisch, Insect Diagnostician UNL Extension
June 22, 2018 Kelly Feehan, Extension Educator in Platte County
June 29, 2018 Roch Gaussoin Agronomy & Horticulture Professor, UNL
July 6, 2018 Dennis Ferraro, Wildlife Specialist, UNL
July 13, 2018 Bob Henrickson, Assistant Director of the Nebraska  Arboretum
July 20, 2018 John Porter, Professor/Extension Educator
July 27, 2018 Steve Karloff, District Forester, Nebraska Forest Service
August 3, 2018 Kevin Christiansen & Evan Alderman, Agri-Business Instructors, SCC Beatrice