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Gage County 4-H Our Mission:

"Develop and provide relevant & engaging educational experiences in partnership with volunteers & community members to promote Positive Youth Development."

Gage County 4-H Council

Jana Mullins, Beatrice 
Christina Lyons, Beatrice 
Karen Stohs, Odell 
Emily Rempel, Beatrice  
Lauren Trauernicht, Wymore
Andrea Humphreys, Wymore
Claira Janssen, Beatrice
Cara White, DeWitt
Karla Holland, Filley
Trevor Parde, Adams
Kate Kostal, Odell
Patty Goes, Odell
Kelsey Stitt, Liberty

Gage County Extension - 4-H Staff Team

Jacie Milius, 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator 
Jane Esau, 4-H Program Coordinator
TBA, Extension Office Manager