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Nicole StonerNicole Stoner is the Gage County Horticulture Extension Educator.  Nicole's focus areas include trees, shrubs, lawns, gardens, and insects.  Nicole obtained her Master's Degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for Horticulture with a minor in Insect Science and she has Bachelor's Degrees in both areas. Nicole is also an ISA Certified Arborist.

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Yard and Garden radio show

Annual radio show, hosted by Nicole Stoner, Extension Educator, that runs from March 26 through July 30 in 2021 on KUTT 99.5FM  The show runs from 10-11:30 am on Friday Mornings. Click here to see the schedule. Extra Fall Episodes on September 10 and 17, 2021 

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 The Nebraska Master Gardener program extends the outreach of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) by providing volunteers with research-based horticulture education, which prepares them to share their knowledge with the citizens of the State.

Master Gardener enrollment has ended for 2020. Check back in January of 2021 to sign up for the next class.

Good Websites for More Information:

Nebraska's Noxious Weeds

A noxious weed is one that is harmful to our environment and our economy. "Noxious weed" is a legal term meaning that a weed must be controlled on your property in accordance with the law. Noxious weeds are determined and regulated by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture's Noxious Weed Program.

Control is required by law for noxious weeds, including:

Nebraska's Noxious Weed Identification


Invasive Weeds

Invasive species are those species that are not native to the ecosystem and those whose introduction can cause economic or ecosystem harm as well as human health problems. Invasive species are not regulated by law. It is allowable for invasive species to grow on your land, but they need to be monitored to ensure that they do not encroach into areas where they are not wanted. There are many species that are invasive including, but not limited to: Russian olive, autumn olive, st. John's wort, amur honeysuckle, kudzu, and scotch thistle.


For More Information on Noxious and Invasive Weeds:

Nebraska Weed Control Association

Nebraska Department of Agriculture-Noxious Weed Program

Nebraska Invasive Species Project

2012 Guide for Weed Management

Acreage Insights

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 A live Nebraska Public Television Program, hosted by expert gardening panalists. Watch Backyard Farmer live on NET1 April to mid September (Thursday, 7:00 pm CT).

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Hort Update

Seasonal information for Nebraska's green industry professionals.


Visit the UNL Turfgrass Extension website for all the answers to your lawn questions.

Sign up for Turf iNfo on the website.

Landscape Diag. Guide

For more information to help you find the problems with your landscape, look at the Landscape Diagnostic Guide for Problems Affecting Woody Ornamentals and Herbaceous Perennials from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Organic Seed Finder - seeds for Field Crops, Fruits & Vegetables, and other - hosted by the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies