The Kansas Nebraska Blue River Compact has the following streamflow targets for stateline gauging stations.  If the rivers fall below the agreement levels the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources would shut down junior rights, then senior rights.  Junior rights were shutdown in 4 years during the 90's.  Senior rights have never been shut down.  Senior rights were recorded prior to November 1, 1968

 Big Blue River at Barneston    Little Blue River at Fairbury

May                  45 cfs                                  45cfs

June                 45 cfs                                   45cfs

July                   80 cfs                                  75 cfs

August              90 cfs                                   80 cfs

September       65 cfs                                   60 cfs

Go to Barneston or Fairbury and follow your nose to real time data from Fairbury and Barneston gauging stations.