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Soybean cyst nematodes (SCN) are a plant-parasitic roundworm that attack soybeans in Saline, Jefferson, and Gage counties. The pest is not new or unfamiliar to area farmers and agronomists. However, sometimes we get too comfortable with old issues. As a reminder, SCN is the #1 yield-grabbing pest in U.S. soybean production.

Soybean cyst nematodes or SCN were found in 1954 affecting soybeans in North Carolina, but not found until 1986 in Richardson County, Nebraska. Nebraska was the last major soybean producing state to find SCN. A Nebraska SCN distribution study published in 1989 confirmed the presence of SCN in southeast Gage County in 1988. Today, SCN has been identified in 59 counties, including all counties in eastern Nebraska.

This is an exciting time as we recognize the excellence of Gage County 4-H members through the annual awards program.  Award applications and Career Portfolios were due October 1.  Now we need a group of adult volunteers to read through the applications and select winners of scholarships, project medals, etc. Doors open at 4:00 pm; supper provided about 6:00 pm, come when you can.  Send an email to Jacie if you can help; great way to learn about the awards application! 

Nebraska 4-H is excited to bring the 4-H Volunteer Road Show to volunteers statewide this November!  This is a great way for our 4-H volunteers to build skills as a 4-H volunteer, network with other volunteers in the community, and discover new opportunities for yourself and 4-H youth.  Registration is $8 and includes a meal and all the materials.  Payment is due at the door.  Learn more and register at http://4h.unl.edu/volunteer-road-show.  Registration closes 1 week prior to each Road Show Session.  A few local locations include: 

Columbus-November 15th, Central Community College-6:00-9:00 pm

Beatrice-November 18th, Southeast Community College- 5:30-8:30 pm

Big Red Beef Talk Website Release

Beef Systems Extension Educator, Connor Biehler, has recently released a website that can be found at https://bigredbeeftalk.unl.edu/ . The purpose of this website is to provide a hub for southeastern Nebraska beef producers, or those interested in southeast Nebraska beef production. This four-tab website includes everything from blogs and relevant educational materials to current markets and local weather conditions. The bottom of each tab includes news feed of the @bigredbeeftalk twitter page, the BeefWatch YouTube page, and the Saunders County Extension & 4-H Facebook page.

Processing calves

The fair is over, the excitement settled, and it's time for 4-H members to record your accomplishments for the year. October 1 is right around the corner - the time to submit your Career Portfolio and Award Application.

County-level: Career Portfolio and/or Junior Achievement Application (ages 8-14), Senior Achievement Application (ages 15-18) may be submitted

State Level: Nebraska 4-H will ONLY accept Senior Achievement Applications. 

Saturday, July 31, 2021
Main Livestock Barn, Swine Show Arena
Contest: 3:00 pm
Registration due: 10:00 am
(exception of Swine Showmanship winners who register after swine show)


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Bruns reappointed as West Central Research and Extension Center director

October 13, 2021
Kelly Bruns has been reappointed to the role of director of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s West Central Research, Extension and Education Center (WCREEC) in North Platte. The reappointment is for a five-year term.

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Faculty Spotlight: Brian Cox

October 11, 2021
Meet Brian Cox, engagement zone coordinator for Nebraska Extension.

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Panhandle Perspectives: Panhandle Learning Agricultural Network (PLAN) aims to increase farmer adoption of field-based sensors

October 7, 2021
Nowadays, farmers have more access than ever to data of all kinds about their crops, thanks to rapid development of sensor and telemetry techniques over the past few decades. Yet the adoption rate of sensors for farming operations is still low, possibly due to cost, comfortability of adapting to sensor-based management, concerns on return on investment, and other reasons.

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FarmBits podcast launches new season Oct. 7

October 4, 2021
The FarmBits podcast will return to airwaves beginning Oct. 7, with the release of new episodes. FarmBits has a new team of hosts and a refreshed structure that will add variety to the podcast.

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