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The 4-H Youth Development Program of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is an informal, practical, learn-by-doing educational program for boys and girls ages 5 to 18. Your child can enroll as a club member by starting their own 4-H club with a few friends or family members, by joining an existing club, by enrolling as an independent member.

4-H Clubs

Families are encouraged to organize a new club which is a lot easier than you may think! The 4-H staff can provide guidance and resource materials to start a new club. Clubs consist of five or more members from three or more families. Clubs are led (or co-led) by club leaders—often club members' parents. In most clubs, members complete several projects a year. Some 4-H clubs focus on one particular project area, such as rabbits, horses, home environment, science, etc. Members are encouraged to try a variety of projects and are not limited to their club's activities. Currently, there are more youth wanting to join existing 4-H clubs than there are clubs available. Starting a club to fit your child's specific interests often creates an ideal fit.

Independent Members

With increasingly busy schedules, more and more youth are becoming independent 4-H members. This means they don't belong to a formal club, but work on 4-H projects on their own with their parents support. The 4-H staff is available to guide you through their area(s) of interest. The Independent 4-H member can participate in all 4-H opportunities.

Clover Kids

4-H members ages 5-7 are considered Clover Kids. These youth develop talents and self esteem in a setting that is educationally age appropriate and fun. Many clubs consist of a variety of ages together. This age difference provides a positive mentoring experience for the Clover Kids who learn from older 4-H members. Other clubs prefer to keep their Clover Kids with children in this age group. Clover kids can also participate in the county fair. Clover Kid exhibitors are not restricted to the guidelines of the fair book and may enter many age appropriate static or animal exhibits and participate in contests. Clover kids are not "judged" by the same standards as the older members. They do receive special Clover Kids ribbons but no premium money is awarded for this age group.


The 4-H year runs from October 1 through September 30. Please take a look at our website Here you will find information for the Douglas-Sarpy 4-H Program including enrollment, upcoming classes, contests and events that are offered throughout the year, both locally and statewide, 4-H resources and more. Enrollment information and the Project Resource Guide can be found in the Join 4-H section. The Project Resource Guide lists the 4-H curriculum and a brief description of each manual. These manuals are available at both Extension Office locations. Specific fair projects are listed in the Sarpy County Fair book which is located in the County and State Fair section.

There is a $10 yearly membership fee for youth which must accompany each enrollment. There is no membership fee for leaders. The youth membership fee includes a $5 credit to use towards one project manual. Membership allows the 4-H member to become eligible to participate in all county 4-H events such as the Public Speaking Contest, Presentation Contest, Fashion Show, Rocket Contest, Table Toppers Contest, Shooting Sports, Dog Show, Small Pets Show, Livestock, Horse, Poultry and Rabbit Shows, and the Nebraska State Fair. In some instances an additional fee will apply. 4-H programs and events are updated on our local website as they become available. 4-H members are encouraged and welcomed to explore the many opportunities that are open to them.

4-H is a family affair! Parents and members will both be expected to participate in 4-H meetings, club events and activities. Becoming a 4-H volunteer leader demonstrates to your child that you want to be an active participant in their 4-H experience, and further strengthens the bonds within your family. Regardless of the manner of participation your family selects, your role as a 4-H parent is critical in determining your family's success in 4-H. You will get out of the 4-H program what you put into it.

The 4-H staff is here to help you get started and support your adventure. Let me know how I can help and how you would like to enroll your child. Please contact me by email or phone with any questions.

4-H Enrollment

Online Youth Member and Adult Volunteer Enrollment for Nebraska 4-H

The annual 4-H membership year runs from October 1, 2016–September 30, 2017. All 4-H Youth Member and Adult Volunteer enrollments will be submitted through 4Honline beginning October 17. When using the online enrollment PLEASE USE CHROME OR FIREFOX. Internet Explorer does not complete the process.

  • If your family is new to Douglas-Sarpy 4-H, please contact Cathy Raneri at or 402-444-7804 before you start the 4HOnline enrollment.
  • To enroll in the Douglas-Sarpy 4-H program visit
  • Health information on the enrollment is OPTIONAL.
  • Helpful Online Enrollment Information.
  • If you have questions about accessing or updating the 4HOnline enrollment, please contact Rachel Wright at or 402-444-7804.
  • While 4-H membership is available throughout the year, to be eligible to participate in the Sarpy County Fair or the Nebraska State Fair enrollment is due by June 15. Therefore, when using the 4HOnline enrollment after June 15, you will not be able to select from the project area. To complete the enrollment after June 15 please contact Rachel Wright at 402-444-7804 or
  • Interested in becoming a 4-H leader contact us with all your questions.
4-H Manuals

4-H manuals are available at the Douglas-Sarpy Extension office or you can visit the curriculum links to order: