Seasonal and Simple APP

Learn more about the Seasonal and Simple APP.

The Seasonal and Simple app allows you to:
View a vast selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, produce information, recipes and an easy-to-read chart that shows when vegetables are in season. A comprehensive list of Nebraska Farmers Markets will lead you to locally grown produce anywhere in the state!

Customized Classes

Customized classes are available for any type of large or small group (minimum of 10) seeking education for better living. The training can be held at the Douglas-Sarpy Counties Extension office or at another location of your choice.

Examples of some of the training topics you can chose from, or request to have modified to fit the specific needs of your group, is listed below.

Cooking with CSA Produce

Ever wondered what to do with produce that is in season?  This class will offer simple tips and food preservation methods.

Cooking with Herbs

You’ve grown them—now learn simple ways to jazz up your meals and preserve them.

GAP training for Urban Gardeners

Learn how to garden safely, from seed to consumption.

The Garden Grocery

Farmer’s Markets are a time honored way of linking food producers with consumers. Points highlighted in this presentation include food safety, food selection and friendly advice so that you can get the most from your Farmer’s Market.

Gardening with Children

Learn how gardening with children can get them to consume more produce!

Food Preservation

Are you interested in a one-time class to learn the basics of home food preservation? If so, Nancy Urbanec, offers classes on a variety of topics for the general public.

Instant Pot

An Instant Pot allows the busy cook to prepare cheaper cuts of meat quickly and in a healthy manner. Learn tips and tricks to use your electric pressure cooker.

Program fees vary depending on the topic and supply needs, but typically range between $50 and $75 per hour.

Please feel free to contact Nancy Urbanec with any additional questions at (402) 444-7804,, or complete the form below if you are interested in more information.