Washington County 4-H School Enrichment

Washington County 4-H and Extension is here for you. Our 4-H School Enrichment program is made available for all Washington County teachers and staff, private or public school. 

4-H School Enrichment, Nebraska Extension's "Learning by Doing" curriculum, can help teachers engage students and improve the learning process while meeting Nebraska State Board of Education standards. The programs we provide are created to act as a supplement to the learning that is already happening in the classroom. 

How can I get involved? 

There are TWO options for program registration:

    • The form will then be forwarded to our office and the scheduling process will start from there. A member of the 4-H staff will contact you to confirm your registration.
  2. EMAIL alemmer2@unl.edu or CALL 402.426.9455 
    • Include Teacher name, best way to contact, classroom grade, classes you are interested in and requested time frame in your email or voicemail. 

Do I have to pay for school enrichment? 

We want to provide you with curriculum that is accurate, age-appropriate, and engaging. In order to do this, we have added a small fee to every enrichment class to cover materials used.

We have researched other 4-H School Enrichment programs in Nebraksa Extension and have found that most counties are charging for 4-H School Enrichment programs. These counties are receiving outstanding results when it comes to engagement, acccessibility, and teacher support. 

Payments are accepted in the form of a check made out to University of Nebraska-Lincoln.If funding is an issue for your school, give us a call and we can find a way to help! 


We want 4-H to be in every classroom in Washington County. To make that happen, we've come up with a few "Teacher Deals" to help ease the costs of implementing 4-H School Enrichment into your classroom. 

  • Refer a Teacher Friend 
    • Receive a free enrichment program by referring a teacher friend to our school enrichment program. 
  • Buy One, Get One
    • Buy one enrichment program, get a second program 50% off. 
  • Grade Group Package 
    • If all grades in your school register for an enrichment program, all programs will be 50% off. 

*Limit of three (3) Teacher Deals per person. 


FARM IN A GLOVE | Available for grades 1-5

Knowledge about agriculture in Nebraska is important. Students will learn about Nebraska agriculture, parts of a plant & grow common crops in a glove. This program consists of two 45-minute sessions.

Price: $5/Classroom

Nebraska State Board of Education Standards met:

  • Grades 1-3: SC 3.1 | SS 3.4
  • Grades 3-5: SC 3.1 | SS 3.4

AG LITERACY SERIES | Available for grades 3-5

Agriculture is important in Nebraska. Through this series, students will learn more about a variety of areas of Agriculture. Sessions include: Ag Technology, Beef, Dairy, Hogs, and Ag By-Products. 

Price: $5/Classroom for three sessions | $8/Classroom for five sessions

ANIMAL SCIENCE 101 | Available for grades 1-5.

Students are invited to learn more about animal classifications, habitats, animal health & nutrition, and much more! This program consists of three or six 45-minute sessions.

Price: $5/Classroom for three sessions | $10/Classroom for six sessions

Nebraska State Board of Education Standards met:

  • Grades K-2: SC 3.1b, 3.1c, 3.1d
  • Grades 3-5: SC 3.1b

CHICK EMBRYOLOGY | Available for grades K-7.

Give students an opportunity to witness the life cycle in your classroom. Observe the development of a chick over a three week period while giving students responsibility  This program consists of an Embryology kit & three 45-minute sessions.

 Fall session begins 10/24 | Spring session begins 4/17
Price: $10/Classroom

Nebraska State Board of Education Standards met:
**updated standards are listed

  • Kindergarten: SC.K.7.2
  • Grade 1: SC.1.6.2 
  • Grade 2: SC.2.7.2 
  • Grade 3: SC.3.9.3
  • Grade 4: SC.4.6.3 
  • Grade 5: SC.5.8.2
  • Grade 6: SC.6.6.2; SC.6.9.3
  • Grade 7:  SC.7.8.4

NATIONAL YOUTH SCIENCE DAY EVENT | Available for grades 6-8.

4‑H National Youth Science Day (NYSD) is the world’s largest youth-led science experiment. Every year thousands of youth take part in the National Science Challenge focusing on important STEM topics and issues.

Price: FREE

Nebraska State Board of Education Standards met:

  • Grade 6: SC.6.4
  • Grade 7: SC.7.3
  • Grade 8: SC.8.1, 2

HANDWASHING | Available for grades K-6.

Teaching students the FUN WAY to wash their hands the RIGHT WAY. This interactive session will teach students through songs, raps & rhymes how to wash their hands correctly. We'll bring out the "Glitter Bug" to show students what it looks like when we don't wash the right way. Pairs great with any Nutrition Education program!

Price: $5/Classroom



EMOTIONS AND YOU! | Available for grades K-2

The Emotional Ruler is two interactive sessions that investigate feelings and increases young students' "emotional intelligence." The Esteemability session teaches students how giving and doing for others is a powerful way to add value to others, ourselves, and the world. 

Price: $3/Classroom for one session or $5/Classroom for both lessons (3 sessions)  

Nebraska State Board of Education Standards met:

  • Grade K: LA 0.3.3.b - LA 0.3.3.e
  • Grade 1: LA 1.3.3.b - LA 1.3.3.e
  • Grade 2: LA 2.3.3.b - LA 1.3.3.e 

PRICELESS PRETEEN | Available for grade 5 
A highly interactive leadership development program for middle school youth aimed at helping students recognize their leadership strengths and determine when and how to apply those strengths to their schools, families, and communities

Price: $5/Classroom

    READING MAKES CENTS | Available for grades 3-5.

    This National 4-H Curriculum is comprised of activities that focus on reading & the value of money. Students will learn how to earn, save, share & spend money while reading exemplary literature. 

    Price: $5/Classroom

    Nebraska State Board of Education Standards met:

    REAL COLORS  | Available for grades 10-12.

    Experiential learning personal development training targeted towards student groups & organizations: NHS, FFA, FBLA, FCCLA, etc. Contact Autumn Lemmer (4-H Assistant) for more information via alemmer2@unl.edu or 402-426-9455.

    Price: $10/youth

    LEADERSHIP SUMMIT | Available for grades 5 or 6 

    Students will see the world from a new perspective and learn to be more effective leaders, as well as team members. Leadership Discovery and Personality Trait Assessment sessions followed by engaging leadership development activities will help students learn interpersonal skills. 

    • Price (Classroom Sessions): $10/Classroom
    • Price (Event): Call 402.426.9455 

    NEXT CHAPTER SERIES | Available for grades 9-12

    This program is designed to help students prepare for and succeed in college by providing the skills students need to reach their academic goals. Sessions include: Time Management, Study Skills, Procrastination and Motivation, Public Speaking, and SMART goals. 

    Price: $5/Classroom for 3 sessions or $8/Clasroom for six sessions 

    JOB SEARCH 101 | Available for grades 9-12

    These sessions are created for students gearing up for college and/or the work force. We focus on how to build and expand resumes and cover letters, practice mock interviews, and how to create a professional social media presence. 

    Price: $5/Classroom 

    MOTIVATED SKILLS | Available for grades 7-12

    Students will complete an individual engaging activity that helps them understand their Motivated Skills, Burnout Skills and Areas for Development. This understanding will help them identify career interest areas, build their resumes and more! 

    Price: $5/Classroom

    CONNECTING THE DOTS | Available for grades 9-12

    Connecting the Dots facilitaties growth and development of our rural communities through increased connections between youth and community leaders. The program creates an environment where youth experience the value of education and the choices they make in high school.  

    Price: Call 402.426.9455 for more details. 


    EXTENSION ENTREPRENEURSHIP | Available for grades 6-8.


    Students will grow an entrepreneurial mindset during this day-long event. After given a "widget," students will work in teams to create a new product that will serve the needs of their community by learning about target markets, branding & marketing, and financing. Teams will participate in a Quick Pitch competition at the end of the day to win a trip to UNL's Innovation Campus. This program is best run in a large, grade-wide setting.
    Learn more about INVENTURE Day, here!

    Price: Pricing varies depending on grade level. Please contact 402-426-9455 for more information.


    Give us a call & we will try find a 4-H School Enrichment curriculum that fits your classroom needs!
    Just give us a call.