4-H Council

The Richardson County 4-H Council works as an elected board from the Richardson County 4-H community to maintain a successful 4-H program. The 4-H Council works as a whole to address changes and implement changes for the good of the entire program. While being on the 4-H Council members work to stay informed about new changes in the State 4-H program and work to maintain relationships with surrounding 4-H communities.

Other roles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Evaluate and approve 4-H events and dates
  • Organize and serve the 4-H Council BBQ
  • Present awards to 4-H members on Awards Night
  • Evaluate proposed changes to the 4-H program
  • Promote 4-H
  • Help develop a plan or ideas to promote 4-H
  • Stay informed about changes to the State 4-H program
  • Help maintain relationships with surrounding 4-H programs
  • Identify and solicit boosters to support 4-H
  • Help identify volunteers, superintendents, and committee members to help with 4-H events

Adult Members:

  • Jeremy Leech - President
  • Levi Lehmkuhl - Vice President 
  • Lisa Schawang - Treasurer
  • Megan Howe - Secretary
  • Travis Eickhoff
  • Sara Ramsey
  • Scott Ogle
  • Brandon Ewers

Youth Members:

  • Abigail Boatright
  • Jacey Leech
  • Jessica Wertenberger
  • Jodie Uhri

Meeting Agendas:

The 4-H Council. Members listed below.

Front Row from left: Jacey Leech, Megan Howe, Lisa Schawang, Sara Ramsey.
Back Row from left: Levi Lehmkuhl, Jeremy Leech, Scott Ogle, Brandon Ewers & Travis Eickhoff.