Become a Volunteer


Adult volunteers will enroll in the 4hOnline web-based enrollment system through 4hOnline at  Volunteers must re-enroll through 4hOnline every year.    


All new volunteers will be required to submit to a background check with the Department of Health and Human Services. Every five years, all Richardson County volunteers will be re-screened.


  • Spotlight on 4-H Newsletter, written by extension staff during the months of January through July, provides 4-H volunteers with information and resources to educate, inform and motivate 4-H members and families.

    Spotlight on 4-H - May 2021

Volunteer Scholarships

Adult Richardson County 4-H Booster Scholarship - Due April 15

The Adult Richardson County 4-H Booster Scholarship is to be used for leadership or volunteer training (this includes Shooting Sports Certification Workshops).  Scholarships will be awarded accordingly: Up to 3 scholarships at $60 each, 2 scholarships at $90 each, or 1 scholarship at $100.  Scholarship recipients will write a brief summary to the Secretary of the 4-H Council or verbally report their experience to the 4-H Council at a scheduled meeting.  The Adult Richardson County 4-H Booster Scholarship application is due April 15, current year
Adult Booster Scholarship Application