Become a Volunteer


Adult volunteers will enroll in the 4hOnline web-based enrollment system through 4hOnline at  Volunteers must re-enroll through 4hOnline every year.    


All new volunteers will be required to submit to a background check with the Department of Health and Human Services. Every five years, all Richardson County volunteers will be re-screened.


All new volunteers, and volunteers reaching their screening window will be required to complete the Volunteer Orientation. 

Access to the screening and orientation, as well as many other volunteer resources can be found at

Volunteer Scholarships

Adult Richardson County 4-H Booster Scholarship - Due April 15

The Adult Richardson County 4-H Booster Scholarship is to be used for leadership or volunteer training (this includes Shooting Sports Certification Workshops).  Scholarships will be awarded accordingly: Up to 3 scholarships at $60 each, 2 scholarships at $90 each, or 1 scholarship at $100.  Scholarship recipients will write a brief summary to the Secretary of the 4-H Council or verbally report their experience to the 4-H Council at a scheduled meeting.  The Adult Richardson County 4-H Booster Scholarship application is due April 15, current year
Adult Booster Scholarship Application