Volunteer Resources

Become a Volunteer


Adult volunteers will enroll in the 4hOnline web-based enrollment system through 4hOnline at www.4honline.com.  Volunteers must re-enroll through 4hOnline every year.  Enrollment Helpsheets are located in Box.  


All new volunteers are required to fill out a Youth Protection 4-H Volunteer Screening Form.  This form can be filled out online, printed, and signed.  Please bring completed forms to the Richardson County Extension Office and we will mail it for you.

  • Spotlight on 4-H Newsletter, written by extension staff during the months of January through July, provides 4-H volunteers with information and resources to educate, inform and motivate 4-H members and families.
  • Volunteer/Leader Webinar Series hosted bi-mothly by Kaytlyn and Jami.  Webinars are an opportunity for staff to share reminders, updates, and answer any questions leaders and volunteers may have. Webinars are scheduled the second Monday of odd months at 6:00 p.m.


Volunteer Scholarships

Adult Richardson County 4-H Booster Scholarship - Due April 15

The Adult Richardson County 4-H Booster Scholarship is to be used for leadership or volunteer training (this includes Shooting Sports Certification Workshops).  Scholarships will be awarded accordingly: Up to 3 scholarships at $60 each or 2 scholarships at $90 each, or 1 scholarship at $100.  Scholarship recipients will write a brief summary to the Secretary of the 4-H Council or verbally report their experience to the 4-H Council at a scheduled meeting.  The Adult Richardson County 4-H Booster Scholarship application is due April 15, current year.


4-H Council

The Richardson County 4-H Council works as an elected board from the Richardson County 4-H community to maintain a successful 4-H program. The 4-H Council works as a whole to address changes and implement changes for the good of the entire program. While being on the 4-H Council members work to stay informed about new changes in the State 4-H program and work to maintain relationships with surrounding 4-H communities.

Other roles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Evaluate and approve 4-H events and dates
  • Organize and serve the 4-H Council BBQ
  • Present awards at to 4-H members on Awards Night
  • Evaluate proposed changes to the 4-H program
  • Promote 4-H
  • Help develop a plan or ideas to promote 4-H
  • Stay informed about changes to the State 4-H program
  • Help maintain relationships with surrounding 4-H programs
  • Identify and solicit booster to support 4-H
  • Help identify volunteers, superintendents, and committee members to help with 4-H events

The Richardson County 4-H Council consists of 8 adult members and 4 youth members. An adult term runs from January to December for for a three year term. A youth term runs from August to August for a two year term.

Our 2017 4-H Council members are:

  • Maddie Huppert
  • Jacob Thiltges
  • Emily Wertenberger
  • Sara Wertenberger


  • Paul Wertenberger, President
  • Jason Glathar, Vice President
  • Billie Jackson, Secretary
  • Lisa Uhri, Treasurer
  • Jeremy Leech
  • Levi Lehmkuhl
  • Dina Sells
  • Ken Thiltges