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Nebraska 4-H Glossary

Join 4-H

All 4-H families will enroll in 4-H and choose their clubs and projects through 4hOnline at v2.4honline.com.  4hOnline is a web-based enrollment system that will allow families to enroll in 4-H on your personal computer or mobile device.  You'll be able to complete all of the information necessary to join 4-H online, including 4-H code of conduct forms and health forms.  There will be no paper forms to submit for youth enrollment.  

It is strongly suggested to enroll prior to April 1st to receive all club & fair correspondence; however, deadline to enroll/re-enroll is June 15.  After that date, the 4-H'er will be allowed to exhibit/show for participation ribbons only,  he/she will not be awarded any prize money and will not be award eligible.  All youth and volunteers must re-enroll every year or they will not be in the 4-H system and will not be allowed to exhibit/show. 

Pick Your Project

To assist 4-H members, volunteers, and parents, with locating curriculum to support 4-H projects, visit the 4-H Projects page at https://4h.unl.edu/projects

Using the web-based Pick Your Project, users will be able to search for projects by keywords, curriculum areas, knowledge levels, and geographic levels. The web-based Pick Your Project contains the same project codes that are shown in the 4HOnline Enrollment system. It is the intent that this feature will assist 4-H youth, volunteers and families with learning about the project opportunities using the Pick Your Project and then easily locating the same project in 4HOnline.  

Clover Kids

Visit the Clover Kid Resources page for project and activity ideas, and for more infomation on the Clover Kid Program.

Club & Club Officer Resources

4-H Pledge
4-H Club Meeting Agenda
4-H Club Meeting Kit
4-H Club Officers & Duties
4-H Club Officer's Guide
4-H Club Reporter's Handbook
4-H Club Secretary's Record
4-H Club Treasurer's Handbook