Enrollment - Deadline June 15

All 4-H families will enroll in 4-H through 4hOnline at 4hOnline is a web-based enrollment system that will allow families to enroll in 4-H on your personal computer or mobile device. You'll be able to complete all of the information necessary to join 4-H online, including 4-H code of conduct forms and health forms. There will be no paper forms to submit for youth enrollment. Enrollment opens every year in October. It is strongly suggested to enroll prior to April 1st to receive all club & fair correspondence; however, deadline to enroll/re-enroll is June 15. After that date, the 4-H'er will be allowed to exhibit or show for participation ribbons only, he/she will not be awarded any prize money and will not be award eligible. All youth and volunteers must re-enroll every year or they will not be in the 4-H system and will not be allowed to exhibit/show.

Age Requirements

Youth aged 5-7 years old by December 31st of the prior year can join 4-H as a Clover Kid. Youth that are at least 8 years old and no older than 18 years old by December 31st of the prior year are considered Traditional Members.

Club Membership Vs. Independent Membership

When joining 4-H, youth can choose to become a member of an organized club. Club Members participate in projects with the guidance of their leaders & peers, take part in club work and have the opportunity to serve as a club officer. Youth may also choose to be a member of 4-H but not a member of an organized 4-H club. They enroll and complete projects the same as other 4-H members but without the benefit of a club setting. Independent 4-H members are still allowed to enter any project, activity or workshop offered by the 4-H program.



Click HERE to view a list of tentatively scheduled 2024 events. Please note, all events are subject to change.


What are 4-H Projects?

The 4-H project is the “gateway” to the rest of the 4-H program. Projects provide the basis of the 4-H program by offering various educational experiences. Carrying out a project will help the member “learn by doing” as well as learn “why” things happen the way they do.

Pick Your Project

To assist 4-H members, volunteers, and parents, with locating curriculum to support 4-H projects, visit the 4-H Projects page at Using the web-based Pick Your Project tool, users will be able to search for projects by keywords, curriculum areas, knowledge levels, and geographic levels. The web-based Pick Your Project contains the same project codes that are shown in the 4HOnline Enrollment system. It is the intent that this feature will assist 4-H youth, volunteers and families with learning about the project opportunities using the Pick Your Project and then easily locating the same project in 4HOnline.

Clover Kids

Clover Kids

Clover Kids are our youngest 4-Hers, aged 5-7 years old that exhibit their projects at Fair in a non-competitive atmosphere. Judges provide feedback on their projects, and they receive a clover kid ribbon for their efforts. Visit the Clover Kid Resources page for project and activity ideas, and for more infomation on the Clover Kid Program.

4-H Facts

4-H Vision

A world in which youth and adults learn, grow, and work together as catalysts for positive change.

4-H Motto

"To Make the Best Better"

4-H Emblem & Colors

The 4-H Emblem is a 4 leaf clover with the letter "H" on each leaf. The "H" stands for Head, Heart, Hands, & Health. The 4-H colors are green & White. Green symbolizes nature's most common color and represents life, springtime, and youth. White symbolizes purity and high ideal.

4-H Value Set

  • Youth Development is the focus of everything we do. 4-H allows individuals to unlock their potential.
  • Partnerships are essential in successful youth development.
  • Volunteerism is fundamental.
  • Diversity strengthens the ability of 4-H to provide opportunities for program involvement regardless of culture, age, disability, gender, or social or economic status.

4-H Mission

4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential while working and learning in partnership with caring adults. In support of this mission, we will:

  • Provide formal and non-formal community-focused experiential learning;
  • Develop skills that benefit youth throughout life;
  • Foster leadership and volunteerism in youth and adults;
  • Build internal and external partnerships for programming and funding;
  • Strengthen families and communities; and
  • Use research-based knowledge and the land grant university system. Advancement of this mission will result in capable, competent, and caring citizens.

4-H Pledge

I pledge...
My head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty,
My hands to larger service,
and My health to better living for my club, my community, my country, and my world.