Fairs & Contests


Richardson County 4-H/FFAJunior Fair

July 23 - 29, 2018

Entry Forms
    • Animal Entry Forms - Due July 1st
    • Contest Entry Forms - Due July 1st
    • Fashion Show Entry Forms - Due July 1st
      • SF184 required for Shopping in Style - Due July 15th
      • SF24 required for Fashion Show - Due July 15th
    • Ag Building Entry Forms - Due July 15th 
Animal Identification

Refer to the Animal Identification Guidelines for a breakdown of requirements for County, State, and Ak-Sar-Ben.   All ID Sheets, DNA envelopes, and Breeding Nomination Cards must first be submitted to the Extension Office by the deadline.  The Extension Office will then send the information on to the State Fair and/or Ak-Sar-Ben.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance curriculum for 4-H in Nebraska is Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA).  The YQCA course is available at yqca.learngrow.io.  To login, use your family 4-H Online login and password.  All 4-H'ers must use the 4-H tab, not the FFA tab, even if they are members of both organizations.


Nebraska State Fair

August 24 - September 3, 2018

2017 State Fair Results


September 27 -30, 2017

Fonner Park, Nebraska State Fair Grounds, Grand Island, Nebraska



Speaking Contest

    • SPEECH:  The Speech Contest provides 4-H'ers the opportunity to learn to express themselves clearly, organize their ideas, and have confidence.
    • PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  In the Public Service Announcement (PSA) Contest, 4-H'ers submit a 60 second "radio commercial" promoting 4-H.  The PSA contest will be held via audio only (not in person).
    • PRESENTATIONS: Presentations provide 4-H'ers the opportunity to learn to express themselves clearly and convincingly, organize their ideas and present them in logical order, research subjects, have confidence in themsepves and emphasize the major points through the use of visuals or examples.

Music Contest

Performing music can be a way to gain self satisfaction or communicate with an audience.  Music sends messages with sound.  As you work on your project, you also will develop the life skills of communication, decision making, leadership, citizenship, coping with change, and learning how to learn.

    • Vocal
    • Piano
    • Instrumental

Shooting Sports

4-H Shooting Sports uses the skills and disciplines of shooting to assist young people in obtaining knowledge and developing their skills while promiting positive youth-adult interaction and peer leadership.

Participants must be actively enrolled in the 4-H Shooting Sports project, and under the direct supervision of a certified 4-H Shooting Sports instructor to participate in the Richardson County Shooting Sports Competition.  A minimum of 10 hours instruction is required.  Certification forms must be completed and turned into the Extension Office by instructors prior to the contest.  

    • BB Gun
    • Air Rifle
    • Air Pistol
    • Small Bore Rifle (.22)
    • Small Bore Pistol (.22)
    • Shotgun
    • Archery