Lawn & Garden Articles by Nemaha County Extension Educator

by Gary Lesoing, Extension Educator in Nemaha County

Bagworms Could Be a Problem in 2021

Bagwork(PDF, 1 pg, 335 KB) May 2021
While we have had an ongoing battle with bagworms for several years and have reduced their numbers significantly in southeast Nebraska, there are still bagworm infestations in some areas. In 2019, we had one of the worse years for bagworm infestations in southeast Nebraska in recent years. In southeast Nebraska, the larvae emerged over several weeks during the summer, but usually beginning around Memorial Day. With the variable weather we have seen this spring, some warmer and some colder than normal temperatures, it is difficult to predict when bagworm larvae may emerge.....(Learn more, PDF 1 pg, 546 KB) May 2021

Fall Water Your Trees

(PDF, 1 pg, 169 KB) August 2020
Earlier this summer we have received some excellent rains here in southeastern Nebraska, especially compared to many other parts of the state. The last 3-4 weeks have been relatively dry and also with some very hot temperatures. As we move forward into the fall and winter, it is important to keep your trees well watered going into the winter.  The past couple of years has provided us with ample rain in most of the region for our landscape trees.   One thing that is very important is to make sure your trees have been watered well going into the winter months and are not being stressed from dry conditions....(Learn more, PDF, 1 pg, 169 KB) August 2020

Problems with Trees

(PDF, 1 pg, 169 KB) August 2020
So what are some of the tree problems?  This year traveling across southeast Nebraska I have noticed oak trees and other deciduous trees that have dead branches and leaves scattered throughout the tree.  There have been several trees with these symptoms over the years.  There is a good chance this is the oak twig girdler that is causing the problem.  We usually see a problem with this insect every other year.  The good thing is it generally doesn’t harm the trees.  The bad thing is there is really nothing you can do about it.  A small beetle emerges from May to September and lays its eggs at the junction between current and previous year’s growth of red and pin oak trees and other shade trees. ....(Learn more, PDF, 1 pg, 169 KB) August 2020

What is That Bug?

Green June Beetle(PDF, 1 pg, 169 KB) July 2020
Last week a client brought in a large insect that was in their high tunnel. It was a green June beetle. We have had a few of them in the area in previous years. They are large beetles and are voracious eaters. They usually like fruit; i.e apricots, plums or raspberries, but do not feed on agronomic crops. They usually like to live and lay eggs in areas that are high in organic matter, like a cow lot. They buzz like a bumblebee, but do not harm humans or are they a pest to agronomic crops....(Learn more, PDF, 1 pg, 169 KB) July 2020

Iron Chlorosis in Trees

(PDF, 1 pg, 361 KB) June 2020leafless tree
  In traveling around southeast Nebraska I am seeing a number of trees in the area showing signs of iron chlorosis.  This is the condition when the leaves of trees are more yellow than normal.  In the drought conditions southeast Nebraska has experienced in recent years trees are under a great deal of stress.  Anything that can be done to reduce stress on trees will be beneficial to the tree, especially in the long-term, and also reduce the likelihood of attack by insects and diseases.  The most common trees associated with iron chlorosis are pin oaks and silver maples. . . . (Learn more, PDF, 1 pg, 361 KB) June 2020

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