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The new 2018-19 Nemaha County 4-H Fair Book is now available online.  Go to:  4-H Fair Book page.

NEW option this year!  We are excited to offer Nemaha County 4-H Online Fair Entries. Our goal is to make Fair Entry more convenient for our 4-H families.  Go to: to enter your 2018 Nemaha County Fair 4-H entries.

Sunday, July 8 6:00 p.m. Set up / cleanup at fairgrounds, EVERYONE 8:00 p.m. Fair Superintendents' Meeting, 4-H Building, static (home ec, gen. areas) and livestock attend Monday, July 9
Federal law prohibits youth under 16 years of age from using specific equipment on a farm unless parents or legal guardians own the farm. Certification received through a course provided by Nebraska Extension grants an exemption to the law, allowing 14- and 15-year-olds to drive a tractor and work with certain mechanized equipment.

This year Nebraska Extension will be in its third year in southeast Nebraska with a pheromone trapping network to monitor black cutworm, variegated cutworm and armyworm moths in southeast Nebraska.  This is part of a larger network across Nebraska during the 2018 planting season. Traps have been placed into service last week.   

In 2006 we initiated a pilot project in Nemaha County to provide tools to assist with irrigation scheduling. We installed ETGages® and Watermark Sensors to use to estimate evapotranspiration rates and water use so we could improve irrigation scheduling. Since the first set of instruments was installed, there have been other producers in Nemaha County that are utilizing this equipment as tools for their irrigation scheduling. With the Nemaha NRD providing cost-share, several other producers within the Nemaha NRD have taken advantage of this excellent program.


Nebraska Extension in Nemaha County

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