Scholarship Information

Enrollment Information

Now is the time to enroll or re-enroll for the 2023-2024 4-H year.  All 4-H youth will enroll in clubs and projects through 4HOnline, a web-based enrollment system that will allow families to enroll on a personal computer or mobile device. 
4HOnline 2.0 is open and ready for you to enroll/reenroll.  Please go to:
Resources to help you enroll/reenroll.

4-H Club Resources

Officer's Guide (Fill in PDF, 8 pgs, 937 KB)
Secretary's Record (Fill in PDF, 29 pgs, 915 KB)
Reporter's Handbook (Fill in PDF, 7 pgs, 536 KB)
Treasurer's Handbook (Fill in PDF, 5 pgs, 582 KB)
Year End 4-H Club Treasurer's Report (PDF, 2 pgs, 181 KB) (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 192 KB)

Contest Registrations & Fair Entry Forms

YELLOW Contest Entry Form  (Fillable PDF, 1 pg, 172 KB) Due June 15th - Must be completed for Horticulture & Wildlife Judging, Life Challenge, ATV & Tractor Driving Contest and Livestock, Dairy & Horse Judging Contests  (Can be completed online at: )

BLUE Shooting Sports Contest Entry Form (Fillable PDF, 1 pg, 105 KB) Due June 15th - All Shooting Sports Contests must be entered on this form.
Shooting Sports Release Form - This is no longer a paper form.  This is completed when you enroll online. Once Hunter Education has been completed please bring your card to the office so we can make a copy of it for our files.  (This only needs to be done once but is required for Shotgun and Smallbore.)   (Can be completed online at: )

GREEN Small & Large Animal Entry Form (PDF, 2 pgs, 193 KB) Due June 15th (Animal ID/Affidavits also required - see below)   (Can be completed online at: )

Static Exhibit Entry Form (Fillable PDF, 1 pg, 163 KB) - This form helps you and the office organize your static exhibit entries.  It is also what the office will use to prepare exhibit tags for your entries.  This form is very helpful and should be turned into the office by July 28.   (Can be completed online at: )

Communications Contest Entry Forms
     Presentations Contest Registration Form (PDF, 1 pg, 143 KB) 
     Speech or PSA Contest Registration Form (PDF, 1 pg, 130 KB)
     Speech Outline Form (PDF, 1 pg, 721 KB)    PSA Text Form (PDF, 1 pg, 370 KB)

Cat & Companion Animal Show Entry Form (Fillable PDF, 1 pg, 202 KB) - Due June 15th
      Cat & Companion Animal Flyer (PDF, 1 pg, 569 KB)
      Cat & Companion Animal ID Sheet (Fillable PDF, 1 pg, 263 KB) - Due June 15th
      Dog Vaccination Form (PDF, 1 pg, 33 KB)
      Cat & Ferret Vaccination Form (PDF, 1 pg, 34 KB)

Dog Show Entry Form (Filllable PDF, 2 pgs, 181 KB) Due July
      Dog ID Sheet (Fillable PDF, 1 pg, 64 KB) - Due June 15
      Dog Vaccination Form (PDF, 1 pg, 33 KB) - Due June 15
      Otoe County Fairbook Dog Section (pg 130)

Fashion Show Entry Form (PDF, 1 pg, 136 KB)  - Due N/A
   $15 Outfit Challenge Narration Form (PDF, 2 pgs, 33 KB)
   Beyond the Needle Narration Form (formerly Decorate Your Duds) (PDF, 1 pg, 27 KB)
   Shopping in Style Narration Form (Jr & Sr Division) (PDF, 3 pgs, 290 KB)
   Fashion Show All Other Classes Narration Form (PDF, 1 pg, 30 KB)
          See Johnson County Fairbook Fashion Show Section for more information.

Food Revue Contest Entry Form  (PDF, 1 pg, 213 KB) - Due Date:  July 5, 2023

Music Contest (PDF, 1 pg, 262 KB) - Entries Due May 6, 2023 at 11:59 pm.   This is a virtual Multi-County Contest.

Animal ID/Affidavit Forms

Animal ID/Affidavit Forms are due June 15th unless otherwise noted.

   These forms are required in addition to the GREEN Small & Large Animal Entry Form (PDF, 2 pgs, 193 KB)
   Nemaha County 4-H Livestock Information  
   FFA Members please use the forms on this webpage:  Nemaha County FFA Forms

      Breeding Beef (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 479 KB)
      Bucket Calf  (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 198 KB)
           Bucket Calf Record Sheet (PDF, 2 pgs, 91 KB)
      Feeder Calf  (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 276 KB)
      Market Beef  (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 472 KB)
Cat & Companion Animal ID Sheet (Fillable PDF, 1 pg, 202 KB) - Due June 15th
      Cat & Ferret Vaccination Form (PDF, 1 pg, 34 KB)
Dairy Cattle  (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 579 KB)
      Dog ID Sheet (PDF, 1 pg, 64 KB)
      Dog Vaccination Form (PDF, 1 pg, 33 KB)
      Otoe County Dog Entry Sheet (PDF, 2 pgs, 181 KB) - Due July 11th  (Includes portions of Otoe County 4-H Fair Book)
      Breeding Goat  (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs 522 KB)
      Dairy Goat (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 694 KB)
      Market Goat (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 176 KB)
      Horse ID (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 135 KB) - Due May 1st
      Roping Approval Form (PDF, 1 pg, 35 KB)
Poultry (Fillable in PDF, 2 pgs, 105 KB)
Rabbit (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 173 KB)
      Breeding Sheep  (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs 482 KB)
      Market Lamb  (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 151 KB)
      Breeding Swine (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 262 KB)
      Market Swine (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 175 KB)

Clover Kids

2023 Day Camp Registration Form (PDF, 1 pgs, 7.1 MB)

Clover Kid Leader/Parent Guide (PDF, 15 pgs, 404 KB)
Clover Kid Static Exhibit Entry Sheet (Fillable PDF, 1 pg, 207 KB) - Due July 28
Clover Kid Pet Show Animal ID & Entry Sheet (Fillable PDF, 1 pg, 138 KB) - Due June 15
Clover Kid Fashion Show Narration Sheet (PDF, 1 pg, 124 KB)
Clover Kid Record Sheet (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 114 KB) - Due September 25th

Diamond Clover

Level 1 AMETHYST (suggested ages 8-9) (Fillable PDF)
Level 2 AQUAMARINE (suggested ages 10-11) (Fillable PDF)
Level 3 RUBY (suggested ages 12-13) (Fillable PDF)
Level 4 SAPPHIRE (suggested ages 14-15) (Fillable PDF)
Level 5 EMERALD (suggested ages 15-17) (Fillable PDF)
Level 6 DIAMOND (suggested ages 16 & up) (Fillable PDF)

Achievement Applications (replaced Career Portfolios/Record Books)

It's that time of year again when 4-H'ers are encouraged to record achievements and learning experiences from the past 4-H year so your achievements can be recognized.  Previously this was known as Record Books or Career Portfolios.  Going forward the process will be known as 4-H Achievement Applications.  Instructions and forms can be found on the Nemaha County 4-H Achievement Applications webpage (available this summer).  County Achievement Applications are due September 25, 2023 and will be submitted electronically.
Youth should also consider applying for this County award:
Character Counts Award Form (Fillable Form) (PDF, 2 pgs, 174 KB) - Due September 25, 2023