Nemaha County 4-H Forms

Enrollment Information

Enrollment and re-enrollment for the 2018 4-H year began October 17th.  All 4-H youth and volunteers will enroll in clubs and projects through 4HOnline, a web-based enrollment system that will allow families to enroll on a personal computer or mobile device.  To enroll go to:
Resources to help you enroll:
Step-by-Step Instruction Sheet for 1st time enrollment (PDF, 14 pgs, 731 KB)
Re-enrollment Instruction Sheet (PDF, 8 pgs, 971 KB)
2018 Nemaha County 4-H Project List (PDF, 2 pgs, 571 KB)
Project Resource Central (Searchable Web-based Select a Project)

Clover Kids Forms

2018 Day Camp Registration Form (PDF, 1 pgs, 221 KB)
Clover Kid Leader/Parent Guide 2018 (PDF, 14 pgs, 452 KB)
    GOLD Entry Sheet (Fill in PDF, 1 pg, 125 KB) - Due June 1st
    Narration Sheet (PDF, 1 pg, 144 KB) - Fashion Show
    Small Animal ID Sheet (PDF, 1 pg, 144 KB) - Due June 1st (must be completed for Clover Kid Pet Show)
    Record Sheet (PDF, 2 pgs, 23 KB) - Due September 15th

Contests & Fair Entry/Registration Forms

YELLOW Contest Entry Sheet  (PDF, 1 pg, 296 KB) Due June 1st - Must be completed for Horticulture & Wildlife Judging, Life Challenge, ATV & Tractor Driving Contest and Livestock, Dairy & Horse Judging Contests

BLUE Shooting Sports Contest Entry Form (PDF, 1 pg, 298 KB) Due June 1st - All Shooting Sports Contests must be entered on this form.
Shooting Sports Release Form - This is no longer a paper form.  This is completed when you enroll online. Once Hunter Education has been completed please bring your card to the office so we can make a copy of it for our files.  (This only needs to be done once but is required for Shotgun and Smallbore.)

GREEN Small & Large Animal Entry Sheet (Fill in PDF, 2 pgs, 580 KB) Due June 1st (Animal ID/Affidavits also required - see below)

Communications Contest Entry Forms
   Presentations Contest Registration Form (PDF, 1 pg, 78 KB)
   Speech or PSA Contest Registration Form (PDF, 1 pg, 36 KB)
   Speech Outline Form (PDF, 1 pg, 276 KB)    PSA Outline Form (PDF, 1 pg, 311 KB)

Cat & Small Animal Show Entry Form (PDF, 1 pg, 427 KB) - Due June 1st
      Small Animal ID Sheet (PDF, 1 pg, 110 KB) - Due May 1st
      Dog Vaccination Form (PDF, 1 pg, 33 KB)
      Cat Vaccination Form (PDF, 1 pg, 34 KB)

Dog Show Entry Form (PDF, 2 pgs, 753 KB) - Due July 16
      Dog ID Sheet (PDF, 1 pg, 152 KB) - Due June 15
      Dog Vaccination Form (PDF, 1 pg, 33 KB)
      Otoe County Fairbook Dog Section

Fashion Show Entry Form (PDF, 1 pg, 136 KB)  - Due July 27th
   $15 Outfit Challenge Narration Form (PDF, 2 pgs, 33 KB)
   Beyond the Needle Narration Form (formerly Decorate Your Duds) (PDF, 1 pg, 27 KB)
   Shopping in Style Narration Form (Jr & Sr Division) (PDF, 3 pgs, 290 KB)
   Fashion Show All Other Classes Narration Form (PDF, 1 pg, 30 KB)
          See Johnson County Fairbook Fashion Show Section for more information.

Food Revue Contest Entry Form  (PDF, 1 pg, 264 KB) - Due June 6th

Music Contest (PDF, 1 pg, 228 KB) - Due June 1st

Theater Arts Contest Registration Form (PDF, 1 pg, 120 KB) - Due June 15th

Animal ID/Affidavit Forms

(these forms are required in addition to the Small & Large Animal Entry Form)
   Guidelines (PDF, 2 pgs, 286 KB)
   Nemaha County 4-H Livestock Information
      Breeding Beef  (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 431 KB)
      Bucket Calf  (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 418 KB)
           Bucket Calf Record Sheet (PDF, 2 pgs, 91 KB)
      Feeder Calf  (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 419 KB)
      Suckling Calf (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 419 KB)
      Market Beef  (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 422 KB) - Due April 15th
Cat & Companion Animal ID Sheet (Fillable PDF, 1 pg, 263 KB) - Due May 1st
      Cat Vaccination Form (PDF, 1 pg, 34 KB)
   Dairy Cattle  (Filable PDF, 2 pgs, 579 KB)
     Dog ID Sheet (Fillabe PDF, 1 pg, 160 KB) - Due June 15
      Dog Vaccination Form (PDF, 1 pg, 33 KB)
      Otoe County Fairbook Dog Section
      Breeding Goat  (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs 413 KB)
      Dairy Goat (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 694 KB)
      Market Goat  (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 415 KB)
      Horse ID (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 135 KB) - Due May 1st
      Roping Approval Form (PDF, 1 pg, 35 KB)
   Poultry (Fillable in PDF, 2 pgs, 105 KB)
   Rabbit (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 404 KB)
      Breeding Sheep  (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs 414 KB)
      Market Lamb  (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 415 KB)
   Swine (Market) (Fillable PDF, 2 pgs, 442 KB)

Scholarship Information

Nemaha County 4-H Council Scholarship 2018 Application (PDF, 1 pg, 66 KB)
Martha & Don Romeo Scholarship (Word, 6 pgs, 38 KB) (PDF, 6 pgs, 26 KB)

Award Applications/Career Portfolios

Junior Awards Entry Sheet (PDF, 2 pgs, 106 KB) for ages 8-11
Junior Awards Guidelines (PDF, 2 pgs, 106 KB)
Senior Awards Entry Sheet (PDF, 2 pgs, 103 KB) for ages 12 and above
Senior Awards Guidelines (PDF, 2 pgs, 124 KB)
Character Counts! Application (PDF, 1 pg, 7 KB)
4-H Career Portfolio - How to Begin (PDF, 1 pg, 57 KB)
4-H Career Portfolio (Word Format) (NE4H9000) (22 pgs, 919 KB)
4-H Career Portfolio (Open Office Format)
4-H Career Portfolio (PDF, 22 pgs, 788 KB) for Written Format
NE4H9020 Nebraska 4-H Animal Project Record (Word, 2 pgs, 104 KB) (PDF, 2 pgs, 89 KB)
NE4H9030 Nebraska 4-H Companion Animal Project Record (PDF, 2 pgs, 115 KB)
Instructions for Career Portfolio - MS Word Format (PDF, 3 pgs, 126 KB)
Instructions for Career Portfolio - Open Office Format (PDF, 3 pgs, 88 KB)
Instructions for Downloading Open Office (PDF, 1 pg, 51 KB)
What Have You Been Up To?  A Form to Record Monthly Activities for the 4-H Career Portfolio  (PDF, 1 pg, 205 KB)

Diamond Clover

Level 1 - Amethyst (suggested ages 8-9) (Fill in PDF, 2 pgs, 247 KB)
Level 2 - Aquamarine (suggested ages 10-11) (Fill in PDF, 2 pgs, 250 KB)
Level 3 - Ruby (suggested ages 12-13) (Fill in PDF, 2 pgs, 252 KB)
Level 4 - Sapphire (suggested ages 14-15) (Fill in PDF, 3 pgs, 261 KB)
Level 5 - Emerald (suggested ages 15-17) (Fill in PDF, 3 pgs, 262 KB)
Level 6 - Diamond/Part 1 (suggested ages 16 & up) (Fill in PDF, 3 pgs, 275 KB)
Level 6 - Diamond/Part 2 (suggested ages 16 & up) (Fill in PDF, 5 pgs, 310 KB)


Youth Projection 4-H Volunteer Screening Form  (PDF, 2 pgs, 245 KB)
NOTE:  You must download the form before printing so the barcode will print.  Do not print front to back.  Print pages separately.
This is a new DHHS form (5/16) that must be completed by all new volunteers and re-submitted every four years for returning volunteers.  Volunteers must sign this form in the presence of a notary OR office staff.

4-H Club Resources

Officer's Guide (Fill in PDF, 8 pgs, 937 KB)
Secretary's Record (Fill in PDF, 29 pgs, 915 KB)
Reporter's Handbook (Fill in PDF, 7 pgs, 536 KB)
Treasurer's Handbook (Fill in PDF, 5 pgs, 582 KB)
Year End 4-H Club Treasurer's Report (Word, 1 pg, 50 KB) (Fill in PDF, 1 pg, 113 KB)
4-H Club of the Month Application (PDF, 2 pgs, 311 KB)