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Check out the Nemaha County Agricultural Resources webpage for more information.  Besides newsletters & articles written by Nemaha County Extension Educator, Gary Lesoing, you can find farmer's tax information, Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Highlights, Nebraska trends in farmland values, rental rates and custom rates.  You can also find information on pesticide certification, seed guides, grain storage management and more.

The 2022 Soybean Management Field Day (SMFD) for southeast Nebraska is scheduled for August 11th at the Daryl Obermeyer Farm near Brownville in eastern Nemaha County sponsored by the Nebraska Soybean Board and Nebraska Extension. It has been three years since we have had a face-to-face SMFD in southeast Nebraska so it will be good to have one in our backyard in 2022. This may be the first time this field day has had a dryland site, which will be on the Daryl Obermeyer Farm.

If you’ve inherited or received farmland and want to learn more about the best strategies for managing this asset, learn what it means to own agricultural land today TOPICS TO BE COVERED IN THE 3.5-HOUR WORKSHOP INCLUDE: Am I keeping the farm or selling it? What is the farm worth – from sale or rental income? How do I manage a farm? If leasing, what are key lease provisions? Now that I own land, how does that change my estate plan? And how do we manage family communications and expectations when other family is involved?

Sericea lespedeza has been a noxious weed for several years in the southeast corner of Nebraska and has become a noxious weed for the whole state of Nebraska.  Sericea lespedeza is a prolific seed producer and birds can spread the seed.  This weed has made a foothold in Nebraska, which contributed to it being named a noxious weed statewide.  I

With recent rainfall events and humid conditions in southeast Nebraska, conditions will become favorable for disease development in corn. Corn has tasseled and generally looks good, due to recent rainfall and good growing conditions.
A soybean disease that is causing more concern in Nebraska is Frogeye Leaf Spot. The past 10-15 years frogeye leaf spot sometimes caused issues here in southeast Nebraska, but it is showing up more in southeast Nebraska and the chances are great that it is resistant to the Qol (Group 11) fungicide which includes Strobilurins. Quadris is a popular fungicide that Frogeye Leaf Spot has been found to be resistant to.