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Check out the Nemaha County Agricultural Resources webpage for more information.  Besides newsletters & articles written by Nemaha County Extension Educator, Gary Lesoing, you can find farmer's tax information, Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Highlights, Nebraska trends in farmland values, rental rates and custom rates.  You can also find information on pesticide certification, seed guides, grain storage management and more.

With a couple of freezes and late snowstorms this spring, alfalfa was slow to get started growing in several fields. Most of the region was also very dry. The past couple of weeks there have been several reports of alfalfa weevil in southeast Nebraska. In fields checked, I did discover alfalfa weevil larvae of all sizes in each field at varying levels of infestation.
With most of southeast Nebraska receiving much needed rain the past few days and rain predicted for this week, it will be an excellent time to scout crop fields for potential problems. Many areas received torrential rains with the possibility of having flooded crops or even some crops washed out, with erosion in fields.

Sericea lespedeza has been an invasive weed for several years in the southeast corner of Nebraska and recently has become is a noxious weed for the whole state of Nebraska.  Sericea lespedeza is a prolific seed producer and birds can spread the seed.  This weed has made a foothold in Nebraska, which contributed to it being named a noxious weed statewide.  If we can keep it under control and from spreading further, maybe it won’t be such a huge problem here in Nebraska.

Each spring there is potential for challenges in getting herbicides applied in a timely matter for good weed control.   With good soil moisture, weeds will take off if they have not been treated yet.

With planting season moving forward much, much faster than 2019, it is important to keep an eye on planted fields for potential pests and other issues that may arise.