4-H Livestock & Small Animal

4-H Livestock Identification (Ownership Affidavits)

If you have any previous year ID sheets, discard them and only use the ones below.
After clarification, this is the 2016 process for 4H animal identifications:

  • All Market Beef will be tagged at both beef weighdays with the new EID tags. 
  • Identification for County Fair only animals: the All-Flex ear tag will be used for feeder calves, market lambs, breeding sheep and meat goats.  All registered and commercial breeding beef can be eartagged for County Fair (family tag). Heifers tagged as market may not be identified as  breeding heifers.  Bucket calves may I.D. using any eartag in the ear prior to June 1.  Market hogs must be identified with ear notches in both ears which must agree with the I.D. sheet. All animals must be submitted on paper ID sheets (see below).
  • Identification for State Fair and Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H and FFA animals: All Market animals - beef, sheep, feeder calves, and swine will need an EID tag and a DNA sample.  Ak-Sar-Ben swine will also require ear notches on the DNA envelope.  All (including ID sheets) submitted to the Dawson County Extension Office by the June 1 deadline.  All Market Beef with DNA due by April 15 to Extension Office.
  • Market Beef Weigh Days, and Sheep & Goat Weigh Days will continue as they have but 4-H families will need to advise which tags to use at that time (county tags or the EID tags).  All 4-H & FFA market beef projects for County Fair must be identified by the February 13, 2016 date.
  • Breeding animals for State Fair & Ak-Sar-Ben prior to the ID deadline must fill out a Nomination Card with the heifer's tattoo (and registration number if applicable).  Breeding sheep and goats will need to have the scrapie tag number on the card. All registered and commercial breeding beef can be eartagged for County Fair (family tag).  Dawson County Extension ID deadline is June 1st.
  • State Fair & Ak-Sar-Ben Dairy still require paper ID's.
  • Horse and Dairy Goat still require paper ID's.
You can download any of the affidavits below.  You have the option if you have Microsoft Word, to enter the information into the form and then print it off.  A pdf is still available to those without Microsoft Word.
Market Beef pdf                                                                         Market Beef Word doc
Breeding Beef pdf                                                                      Breeding Beef Word doc
Feeder Calf pdf                                                                           Feeder Calf Word doc
Cow-Calf pdf                                                                               Cow-Calf Xcel spreadsheet
Market Sheep pdf                                                                      Market Sheep Word doc
Breeding Sheep pdf                                                                   Breeding Sheep Word doc
Dairy pdf                                                                                     Dairy Goat pdf
Meat Goat pdf                                                                            Meat Goat Word doc
Market Swine pdf                                                                      Market Swine Word doc
Rabbit pdf                                                                                   Rabbit Word doc
Breeding Doe pdf (meat goat)                                                Breeding Doe doc (meat goat)
Quality Assurance
    What is Quality Assurance (QA) & Who is required to complete Quality Assurance?
Livestock Quality Assurance is a course designed for youth ages 8-18.  Participants learn about good production practices and producing quality food products that come from livestock.  4-H and FFA youth ages 8-18, who are enrolled in any of the livestock projects listed below are required to complete three (3) modules in the NE Livestock Quality Assurance Online Course annually, or attend an in-person training or test out.  Any youth who enrolled in any of the livestock projects listed below are required to complete Livestock Quality Assurance annually for County Fair, State Fair and/or Aksarben.
     Anyone showing beef, sheep, swine, dairy, meat goats, rabbits or poultry is required to be Quality Assurance (QA) certified.  Step-by-Step instructions can be downloaded on the link below.  A total of 3 certificates is required per each year.  E-mail, fax or mail copies of your certificates to the extension office. 
     There are new changes in 2017 - for more information click on the 2017 link below.
For those ages 11-14 or 15-18 may pass a one time test which certifies them for the remainder of years in that age group by coming to the Extension Office.  Practice tests are available on-line in preparation.  Please contact the office ahead of time to let us know.
For your convenience, you may click on this url address to take you directly into this website.           http://campus.extension.org/

Other Information

Premises ID Brochure - Required

Exhibitors of 4-H & FFA market beef, swine, sheep and goats that carry an EID tag will be required to obtain a Premise ID number through the Nebraska Department  of Agriculture at no cost to the exhibitor.  Exhibitors without a Premises Identification number will not be allowed to exhibit at the Nebraska State Fair.  After you have obtained it, call or email it to Sheryl Fellers here at the Extension Office at sfellers1@unl.edu or include it also on your market ID sheets.