Dawson County Fair 2020 (updated guidelines)

Thanks everyone for your patience as we have tried to hit the changing County Fair target in a Covid-19 world.  The good news is we have gone from questioning whether a fair was possible; to the possibility of a virtual only fair; to the current show and go, limited exposure event.  Our plan has been approved by the Two Rivers Health Department.  It puts the safety of exhibitors, families and volunteers as the central focus.  

Here is the schedule for the week.  If someone does not feel they want to take the chance of showing because of the Covid-19 virus, please contact the Extension Office 308-324-5501 about the procedures for virtual judging.  It would be an option to receive a ribbon and some feedback from the judge.

Action Steps:

  • If  you are ill – stay home!
  • Exposure chances will be limited by less time together and fewer people.  Please help limit the number of non-exhibitors present.  The Ag Society is working on daily live-streaming of shows.  The general public is not invited to the 2020 fair.
  • For livestock, this will be a Show & Go event with one or a limited number of species shown per day.  Families may show from their trailers; (some may be parked just north of Stevens Arena) and stalling in the barns will not be assigned.  Need to stall by families with sufficient distance between.  Keep a reasonable distance on wash rack also.
  • Volunteers and workers will need to check in each day for Covid screening and a temperature check.
  • Encourage the use of masks especially near and in the show ring and exhibit judging.  The judge and workers will be asked to wear masks if a 6’ physical distance can’t be maintained.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be at multiple locations.
  • The Ag Society will take the lead on disinfecting high traffic areas and equipment.
  • Ribbons and water will be given out from a central table.
  • Be prepared for changes if Covid-19 numbers spike.

 Some things that won’t happen in 2020:

    • No shooting sports at fair
    • No food or beverages at show (except bottled water)
    • No root bear floats/watermelon/sno-cones
    • No herdsmanship
    • No ultrasound carcass
    • No sheep lead
    • No group photos
    • No display of static exhibits
    • No therapeutic riding
    • No general public invited

The 4-H Café will be open during the fair with tables spaced and no more than 8 to a table.  The Café will be open for the Dog Show on Monday and then 8:00 a.m. through the end of shows on Wednesday through Sunday.

2020 Dawson County Fair 4-H Official Premium List & Program of Events

2020 County Fair Dates                 July 11-19, 2020

2021 County Fair Dates                 July 10-18, 2021

The 2020 Dawson County Fair Premium will not be mailed out this year as in previous years.  The Dawson County Ag Society opted to not do hard copies this year.   Follow the links below to various pages in the premium book as directed.

Please note:  The schedule as listed is subject to change due to developing coronavirus guidance.  We will keep you updated as the state and university guidelines present themselves.

Complete Fair Premium

Part 1 - Fair Premium (pages 0-10) Front Cover, Table of Contents, Schedule of Events, Fair Committees, Superintendents, General Rules & Policies, County Fair Livestock policies, State Fair and Ak-Sar-Ben policies, Quality Assurance, Champions & Premiums

Part 2 - Fair Premium (pages 11-21) Champions & Premiums (cont'd), Showmanship, Beef, Sheep, Swine, Dairy, Goats, Herdsmanship, Horse, Dog

Part 3 - Fair Premium (pages 22-32) Poultry, Rabbits, Small Animals, Judging Contests, Communication Contests, Officer Reports, Family & Consumer Science, Fashion Show, Clothing

Part 4 - Fair Premium (pages 33-43) Clothing (cont'd), Consumer Management, Foods & Nutrition

Part 5 - Fair Premium (pages 44-54) Foods & Nutrition (cont'd), Financial Mgmt., Heritage, Citizenship Development, Communication and Expressive Arts, Human Development, Home Environment, Quilt Quest

Part 6 - Fair Premium (pages 55-65) Quilt Quest (cont'd), Entrepreneurship, Photography, Horticulture

Part 7 - Fair Premium (pages 66-76) Forestry, Conservation and Wildlife, Safety, Shooting Sports exhibits & shooting competitions, Crops

Part 8 - Fair Premium (pages 77-87) Crops (cont'd), Range, Entomology, Veterinary Science, Engineering & Technology, Aerospace, Computers, Geospacial, Alternative/Renewable Energies, Model Building

Part 9 - Fair Premium (88-98) Model Building (cont'd), Robotics, Electricity, 4-Wheelin', Woodworking, Welding, Other 4-H, Clover Kids, State Fair Premier Science Award, Special 4-H Awards, Showmanship Sponsor, Fairgrounds Map

Part 10 - Fair Premium (pages 99-100) Fair Sponsors, Back Cover


Data Tags are required on all classes.   For instructions on how to complete these Data Tags   (click here)

Both Word docs and Adobe pdf formats are attached for your convenience in downloading.

Unit 1 Data Tag docx                                       Unit 1 Data Tag pdf

Unit 2 Data Tag docx                                      Unit 2 Data Tag pdf

Unit 3 Data Tag docx                                      Unit 3 Data Tag pdf


This 2-part PowerPoint on Design Elements & Principles will assist you when filling out your Data Tags.

Design Elements & Principles PowerPoint 1                    Design Elements & Principles PowerPoint 2

Supporting information is required for all Home Environment exhibits.  Information must include the elements and principles of design used and steps taken to complete project.  Both Word docs and Adobe pdf formats are attached for your convenience in downloading.

Home Environment Support Information docx              Home Environment Support Information pdf

Home Environment Data Tag docx                                     Home Environment Data Tag pdf


Food Preservation Card fillable form

Food Preservation Card printable form