Dawson County Fair 2022

2022 Dawson County Fair 4-H Official Premium List & Program of Events

2022 County Fair Dates                          July 9-17

2023 County Fair Dates                          July 8-16

Thank you to the Dawson County Ag Society for once again printing the Fair Premium.  We will mail out a copy in each Dawson Details packet being mailed out after May 1st.  We will have extras here and so will the Fair Office.  Follow the links below to various pages in the premium book as directed.

Complete Fair Premium 2022

Part 1 - Fair Premium (pages 0-9) Front Cover, Table of Contents, Schedule of Events, Fair Committees, Superintendents, General Rules & Policies, County Fair Livestock policies, State Fair Regulations

Part 2 - Fair Premium (pages 10-20) State Fair Regulations (cont'd), Quality Assurance, Champions & Premiums, Showmanship, Beef, Sheep, Swine, Dairy, Goats, Herdsmanship, Horse

Part 3 - Fair Premium (pages 21-31) Dog, Poultry, Rabbits, Small Animals, Judging Contests, Communication Contests, Officer Reports, Fashion Show, Clothing

Part 4 - Fair Premium (pages 32-42) Clothing (cont'd), Consumer Management, Foods & Nutrition

Part 5 - Fair Premium (pages 43-53) Foods & Nutrition (cont'd), Financial Mgmt., Heritage, Citizenship Development, Communication and Expressive Arts, Human Development, Home Environment, Visual Arts

Part 6 - Fair Premium (pages 54-64) Visual Arts (cont'd), Quilt Quest, Entrepreneurship, Photography, Horticulture

Part 7 - Fair Premium (pages 65-75) Horticulture (cont'd), Forestry, Conservation and Wildlife, Lifetime Sport Activities

Part 8 - Fair Premium (pages 76-86) Lifetime Sport Activities (cont'd), Safety, Crops, Range, Entomology, Veterinary Science, Engineering & Technology, Aerospace

Part 9 - Fair Premium (87-97) Aerospace (cont'd), Computers, Geospacial, Physics, Model Building, Robotics, Electricity, 4-Wheelin', Woodworking, Welding, Other 4-H, Clover Kids

Part 10 - Fair Premium (pages 98-104) State Fair Premier Science Award, Special 4-H Awards, Showmanship Sponsors, Fairgrounds Map, Fair Sponsors, Back Cover


Data Tags are required on all classes.   For instructions on how to complete these Data Tags   (click here)

Both Word docs and Adobe pdf formats are attached for your convenience in downloading.

Unit 1 Data Tag docx                                       Unit 1 Data Tag pdf

Unit 2 Data Tag docx                                      Unit 2 Data Tag pdf

Unit 3 Data Tag docx                                      Unit 3 Data Tag pdf


This 2-part PowerPoint on Design Elements & Principles will assist you when filling out your Data Tags.

Design Elements & Principles PowerPoint 1                    Design Elements & Principles PowerPoint 2

Supporting information is required for all Home Environment exhibits.  Information must include the elements and principles of design used and steps taken to complete project.  Both Word docs and Adobe pdf formats are attached for your convenience in downloading.

Home Environment Support Information docx              Home Environment Support Information pdf

Home Environment Data Tag docx                                     Home Environment Data Tag pdf


Food Preservation Card fillable form

Food Preservation Card printable form