4-H Camp

Date:  June 3-5, 2019

Location:  Camp Comeca (4 south, 3 west, 3/4 south of Cozad)

Cost:  $120.00 in advance (includes lodging, meals, snacks, craft & insurance)

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Winners Unlimited Livestock Judging Camp

Great Plains Livestock Judging Circuit

4-H Heritage Tour

     Plans are underway for the Dawson County 4-H Heritage Tour, May 26 - June 9, 2019.       Nearly every 4-H’er who has been on this trip in the past tells us it is the highlight of their 4-H years and the greatest trip ever and especially for the money.  Some of the stops being planned include: Amana Colonies; Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago; Henry Ford Museum in Detroit; Canada; Niagara Falls; Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts; Boston; New York City; Medievel Theatre; Philadelphia; Washington, D.C. (Capitol, Mt. Vernon, Presidential Memorials, Arlington Cemetery, Smithsonian, Holocaust Museum); Amish farms; Gettysburg; a thoroughbred farm, Kentucky Derby Museum and much more.

     For costs, further information, and application, click on the links below:

4Heritage Tour Information

4Heritage Tour Application

4-H Meats

The 4-H Meats program is open to all 4-H members regardless of project carried.  Under the capable leadership of Curt Rickertsen, and before that Dave Stenberg, the tradition of outstanding meats teams continues.  Dawson County has a legacy of Championship teams through the years.  Dawson County was the State Champion Team in 2017 and the team members captured the top 4 individual placings.

Learn where all those good cuts of meat come from, how they are cooked and their nutritional value.  You too can become a wise consumer.

The 2019 Meats Program will begin February 11th and will culminate with the State Contest held at PASE (Premier Animal Science Event) in Lincoln held the end of June.  Following is the schedule of workouts for this year:

2019 Practices and County Contest -

Monday, February 11            7:00 pm           Extension Office            Beef

Monday, February 25           7:00 pm            Extension Office            Pork & Variety

Monday, March 4                  7:00 pm            Extension Office            Lamb, Pork & Variety

Monday, March 25                7:00 pm            Extension Office             Beef, Pork, Lamb Quiz

Monday, April 8                    7:00 pm            Plum Creek Market        Retail ID & Quiz

Monday, April 22                 7:00 pm            Plum Creek Market        Retail ID & Quiz

Tuesday, April 30                 7:00 pm            Plum Creek Market        Retail ID & Quiz

Monday, May 6                     7:00 pm            Plum Creek Market        Retail ID & Quiz

Monday, May 13                   7:00 pm            Plum Creek Market        County Contest

Tuesday, May 21                   7:00 pm            Plum Creek Market        Retail ID, Quiz & Judging

Monday, June 3                    7:00 pm            Plum Creek Market        Retail ID, Quiz & Judging

Monday, June 11                  7:00 pm            Plum Creek Market        Retail ID, Quiz & Judging

Monday, June 17                                             PASE @ UNL

4H Meats Invitation Letter

Tree ID, Horticulture ID and Weed & Grass ID

Interested in competing at the 2018 State Fair ID Contests?  Join Sarah Sivits and Mike Wolff this winter and learn about the key terms, plant characteristics and how to identify plans for the contest!  Read More

If interested, contact them as soon as possible.

4H Exploration Days Workshops

June 8 - Fishing Workshop

June 10 - Clover Kid College Workshop

June 13 - Breakfast Workshop

June 15 - Aerospace Adventures

June 19 - Baking Workshop

June 21-22 - Outdoor Skills Workshop

June 27 - Photography Workshop

July 2 - Woodworking Workshop

Summer Workshop Registration

2019 County Events

January 22 - Leader Meeting - 7:00 p.m.

February 9 - Market Beef Weighday

March 11 - 4-H Public Speaking Contest

            Dawson County Extension Building - Registrations due February 15, 2019.  Contact the Dawson County Extension for further information or for registration cards.

April 1 - 4-H Enrollments Due

2019 - 4-H Summer Exploration Days - Open to all youth in Dawson County

June 11 - Sheep & Goat Weighday - 3:00 - 7:00 p.m.

June 17-18 - PASE & Life Challenge, Lincoln

June 25 - Presentation Contest - Gothenburg Public School Community Building

            Registration Deadline – June 6

July 9 - Secretary Books, News Reports & Club Scrap Books DUE!

Secretary Books, News Reports and Club Scrap Books are due at the County Extension Office, Lexington or bring to 4-H Clothing Contest in Cozad.

July 9 - Fashion Show Judging & Clothing Construction Interview Judging - Cozad High School

July 10 - Public 4-H Fashion Show - Cozad High School Auditorium - 7:30 p.m.

July 13-21 - Dawson County Fair

July 24 - Dawson Co Life Challenge, Horticulture, Photography & Weed ID Contests

July 25 - 4-H Awards Workshop - Dawson Co. Extension Building, Meeting Room, Fairgrounds, Lexington - 7:00 p.m.

August 23 - September 2 - Nebraska State Fair, 4-H Schedule

September 26-29 – AKSARBEN Stock Show – Grand Island

October 7 - 4-H Awards Applications Due Before 5:00 P.M. in Extension Office.

October 27 - 4-H Achievement BBQ