Land Lease & Cash Rents

It's extemely important to note that no two operations or rental agreements are exactly alike. Those rents on either end of the range probably have some special circumstances. Production potential likely varies greatly on these rent extremes.

Summary - Cash rents were up slightly while bushel rents were down again but that may be with the higher price per bushel potential.

2022 Dawson County Survey Results

2022 State Land Values & Rental Rates

Last year's Land Lease & Cash Rent Information:

2021 Dawson County Survey Results

2021 Custer County Survey Results

2021 State Land Values & Rental Rates

Here is a link to the state website that will give you further helpful information when evaluating your land leases.  You can download state reports, lease forms to download, plug in calculator spreadsheets, farm lease types and options to consider, checklists, questions and answers, and also an irrigation cost of operation calculator.   Lease Considerations