Custer County Early 4-H Enrollment

CUSTER COUNTY EARLY 4-H ENROLLMENT is $7.00/member for 2024.   4-H members are greatly encouraged to get enrolled by April 1. The statewide 4-H enrollment deadline is June 15. 4-H members who enroll by April 1 will have the best 4-H experience. They will be able to participate in club activites, work with project leaders to prepare for county fair exhibits and events, and be included in the county supplemental accident insurance policy. Organizational leaders will turn in the $7.00/member fee to the Extension Office by April 19, 2024.  Checks should be made payable to:  4-H Activities.

 Enrollment fees for members who enroll April 2-June 15, 2024  must be turned in to the Extension Office by the 4-H member/family before their enrollment is accepted.  The final date for these payments is June 17, 5:00 p.m..

Some 4-H clubs may have additional club dues. These are due to the club and not to the Extension Office. 4-H enrollment is available year-round, however, to compete in Custer County Fair events, you must be registered on 4-H ONLINE by June 15. Participation in some 4-H activities, may require enrollment on 4-H ONLINE PRIOR to event registration.  Examples:  shooting sports events, summer horse shows, speech contest, special garden project.  Contact the Extension Office if you have questions.

4-H Enrollment- 2024

  • Custer County Early Enrollment Deadline- April 1, 2024 (suggested)
  • Statewide Enrollment Deadline- June 15, 2024
  • Log in at - *4H Online does not support Internet Explorer as a browser- Please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser for this program.
  • Instructions to enroll can be found at

                  *  New Members

                  *  Re-Enroll 4-H Members - for 4-H members who were enrolled in 2023

                  * New Adult 4-H Volunteers

                  *  Re-Enroll Adult 4-H Volunteers - for 4-H volunteers who were enrolled in 2023

Starting in 2024, project selection will be optional with the exception of the horse and shooting sports (see note below) By successfully completing the 4-H member enrollment by June 15, youth will be eligible to participate and exhibit in any project area, any contest, their county fair, and the Nebraska State Fair. While optional, youth are encouraged to select projects they are interested in exploring each program year.

Please note: Youth are only eligible to exhibit in a project area or contest in a single County. Horse or shooting sports projects will continue to require project enrollment due to parental consent required for participation.

Families will need to be responsible for completing the required ID sheets and getting their animals eartagged by the deadlines set by the county offices. This will include market beef weigh-in and entering animal data into Show Stock Manager for nominations for State Fair.

Projects are now grouped on 4-H ONLINE by curriculum and not by project name. Please see the CUSTER COUNTY 4-H PROJECT LIST. The BOLDED and HIGHLIGHTED curriculum areas are the "projects" that youth will sign up for on 4-H ONLINE this year. The projects listed under each curriculum area are the projects youth will be eligible to participate/exhibit. County Fair exhibit requirements will be printed in the COUNTY FAIR PREMIUM BOOK. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT THE EXTENSION OFFICE.

All 4-H members and leaders MUST enroll on this system EVERY YEAR. One important item to remember is to ALWAYS go back into your record to be sure that the projects you intended really do show up on your record before the enrollment deadline. If you wait until the last minute to enroll, the Extension Staff may not be available to assist you with your questions. If you need help with the 4-H ONLINE enrollment system, please contact the Extension Office (308) 872-6831