About Custer County Extension

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Nebraska Extension in Custer County, located on the lower level of the Custer County Courthouse in Broken Bow, delivers research-based education and information to citizens throughout the county with emphasis on the following programs: 4-H Youth Development, Livestock Systems, Food, Health, & Nutrition, Horticulture, Landscape, and Environmental Systems, Community Vitality, Cropping & Water Systems, Disaster Recovery Resources, and Early Childhood .  These educational programs, delivered via a variety of methods, are offered through a federal, state, and county partnership arrangement. Our objective is to provide programs and other educational resources locally. 

Our staff of Extension Educators and support personnel specialize in providing programs throughout the county. Together with staff from all of Nebraska's 93 counties, we contribute to more than 1.5 million educational contacts each year with Nebraska citizens.

Nebraska Extension is built to provide practical education that focuses on issues which influence daily lives that help to keep Nebraska competitive in a global society. Extension Specialists and Extension Educators are committed to a theme of excellence with education programs customized to meet the needs of Nebraskans.

Meet our Staff

ColleenColleen Peterson
Extension Assistant
4-H Youth Development



Troy Walz
Extension Educator
Livestock Systems



Shawn Kaskie
Extension Educator
Community Vitality Initiative