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November Enclosures: Selecting 4-H Club Officers-Committee Members, 4-H Club Officers and Duties

October Enclosures:  4-H Council July Minutes, 4-H Council Fact Sheet, Club Activity

September Enclosures: 16-17 Community Service Report, 17-18 Community Service Report, Beef Hardluck Award, Hardluck Award, Leader’s Link, Leo C. Cooksley Memorial Award 4-H Council March Minutes, Most Improved Shooter, Top .22 Shooter, Top Shooter, Outstanding Boy/Girl Award

July Enclosures:  Modeling School Flyer, 2017 Market Ethics Affidavit

June Enclosures: Building Sitter Schedule, County Fair 4-H Shooting Match Relay Form, Nebraska Certificate of Vaccination for Dogs, Nebraska Cat/Ferret Vaccination Record Form, 3D Archery Match Registration Form

May Enclosures:  Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program, Using the 4-H Name & Emblem, Permission Form to use 4-H Emblem, June Jamboree Program, June Jamboree Calendar, June Jamboree Registration Form

April Enclosures:  T-Shirt Order Forms, Custer County LQA Registration Form, 4-H Council November Minutes,

March Enclosures:  Premises ID & My Youth Livestock Project Flier Custer County 4-H Indoor Archery Match Flier, Custer County 4-H Indoor Archery Match Registration Form

February Enclosures: Project ListPublic Speaking Contest Flier, Public Speaking Contest Registration Form

January Enclosures:  2017 Special Garden Project - Sunburst Summer Squash, 4-H Club of Excellence Summary Form 4-H Council September Minutes