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Managing Agricultural Land for the 21st Century November 26th, Monday from 9:30-3:00 Broken Bow 4-H Building, Custer County Fairgrounds

Learn about:
•Equitable rental rates
•Proper lease terms
•Lease communications expected
•Soil types and productivity
•Soil tests
•Recommended pasture lease provisions
•Stocking rates for pasture
•Current land values

Free and open to the public but preregistration is requested.  Attendees will be dismissed to have lunch off site.


            The Sandhill Critters 4-H Club in Broken Bow received the first place award in the 4-H Window Display Contest.  The contest was sponsored by the Custer County 4-H Council for the purpose of promoting 4-H during National 4-H Week, October 7-13, 2018.  The theme for the contest was “4-H…A Field of Opportunity.”  The winning display is located at Costa’s in Broken Bow.

             The Kountry Kids 4-H Club at Broken Bow received the second place award.  Their display is located at the Prairie Eyecare in Broken Bow.


The Third Annual Winter Ball fundraiser will be held in January.  The One Box Convention Center will be the location of the Ball on Saturday, January 26th.  The evening starts at 5:30 p.m.  Contact Michelle Nelson at 870-2493 for ticket information. 

It was decided at the August 17th meeting of the Custer County Ag Society to hold the 2019 Custer County Fair July 26th through August 1st.   

Custer County Ag Society Members & Officers

The 2018 Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Highlights Report has been completed.  After record high land values in 2014, this marks the fourth year of consecutive decline in real estate values in Nebraska.    This report will show the values for regions in the state as well as discussion from panels on the trends we can expect in those regions.   A special feature of this report is the section covering emerging issues related to agricultural land in Nebraska.  Crop share leasing is the focus of this year's special feature.  

Custer County 4-H members (4-H age 8-18) are invited to enter the 2019 Custer County Premium Book Cover Photo Contest. The 2019 Custer County Fair Premium Book will be in a magazine format with a full color, gloss cover. The winning photo will be selected by the Custer County 4-H Council and placed on the cover of the 2019 Custer County Fair Premium Book.

Contest Guidelines:

Every two years Nebraska custom operators are surveyed to determine the current rates charged for machine custom applications in the state.   It is divided into two parts, Part I is spring and summer applications.  Part II is made up of the fall applications  and miscellaneous categories.   

The Nebraska Farm Custom Rate Survey report is one of Nebraska Extension’s most-requested publications.  Many Nebraska farmers and ranchers inquire about prevailing rates paid for certain kinds of custom farm machine operations.  The 2018 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates and the survey for Custom Farm Operators can be found at: http:/  


Nebraska Extension in Custer County

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