County Fair Resources and State Fair Book

2019 Custer County Fair July 26th- August 1st


Entry Information Tag (pdf)


Selecting & Preparing Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruit for exhibits at County Fairs and Nebraska State Fair (pdf)

Preparing Cut Flowers for exhibits at County Fair & Nebraska State Fair (pdf)

Guide to Growing Houseplants (pdf)

Guide to Selecting Houseplants (pdf)

Home Environment

Home Environment Entry Information Tag (pdf)

Home Environment Supporting Information (pdf)

Foods & Nutrition

Food Preservation Entry Information Cards (pdf)

Cooking 101 Scoresheets (pdf)

Cooking 201 Scoresheets (pdf)

Cooking 301 Scoresheets (pdf)

Cooking 401 Scoresheets (pdf)


Photography I Data Entry Tag (pdf)

Photography II Data Entry Tag (pdf)

Photography III Data Entry Tag (pdf)

STEAM: Clothing & Consumer Management

Sewing Skills for STEAM I, II, and III (pdf)

Shopping in Style SF184 (pdf)

Clothing Entry Information Tag (pdf)

Patterns for STEAM Clothing I project

Market Animal

Nebraska State Fair August 24th - September 3th 2018 results

Nebraska State Fair Book