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List of Custer County Clubs (pdf)

4-H Calendar of Events

2017 Custer County 4-H Project List (PDF)

4-H youth have the opportunity to select from over 150 projects that provide hands-on learning experiences!  Each project intends to help youth locate potential careers that are of interest to them.  Choose a curriculum area and explore the endless 4-H project opportunities!

  •     Animal Science
  •     Communication and Expressive Arts
  •     Consumer and Family Sciences
  •     Environmental Education and Earth Sciences
  •     Healthy Lifestyles
  •     Leadership and Citizenship
  •     Plant Science
  •     Science, Engineering, and Technology
Custer County 4-H Curriculum Price List & Order Form (PDF)

4-H Club Materials
4-H Manuals

4-H manuals are available at the Custer County Extension office or you can visit the following curriculum links to order:
Nebraska 4-H Curriculum
National 4-H Curriculum

4-H Record Books

General Record Book ,  (PDF, 415kb)

General Record Book, (PDF fillable form)

Junior Leader,     (PDF,873kb)

Companion Animal,  (PDF, 965kb)

Companion Animal, (PDF, fillable form)

Livestock, ( PDF, 1.7mb)

Livestock, (PDF, fillable form)

Light Horse Record,  (PDF, 3585kb) *some portions non-fillable*

Photography,  (PDF, 614kb)

Photography, (PDF, fillable form)

Shooting Sports,  (PDF,1.66mb)

Career Portfolio,  (Doc, 886kb)

Cake Decorating-Units 1-7,(PDF,39kb)

Cake Decorating Units 1-7, (PDF fillable form)

Cake Decorating-Unit 8, (PDF, 89kb)

Cake Decorating -Unit 8, (PDF fillable form)

For the Leader

Volunteer Screening Form  This must be completed by leaders in their first year of volunteering. After that time it is on rotation as required by the State 4-H office.   Completed forms can be mailed to :  Nebraska 4-H,  PO Box 830700 Lincoln NE  68583-0700

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4-H Volunteer Information Series
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