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Cass County 4-H

We know this year has been unique, but we also know 4-H members have been working hard on their projects all year long. We are so proud of the work 4-H youth have done across the state despite challenging circumstances. We want to honor the work our youth have done by providing a platform to highlight their exceptional projects and the valuable learning opportunities they have experienced. This showcase allows all enrolled youth, ages 8-18, to showcase a project they have learned a lot from this year or that they are particularly proud of.

Hello Cass 4-H Community,

Boredom Buster Challenge

2020 Cass County 4-H Fashion Show

Entry Requirements

1. Register for the Fashion Show contest by July 22nd at http://cass.fairwire.com.

2020 Cass County 4-H Checklist - CLOVER KID Complete your project.