Program Areas

4-H Youth Development

One in three age-eligible young Nebraskans take part in 4-H, America’s largest youth development organization. Through 4-H, these young people gain experiences that help them become skilled employees, creative thinkers and good citizens. Nebraska Extension not only brings 4-H to Nebraska; we bring a vast array of University resources and research—partnering with schools, after-school programs and youth organizations to provide curriculum and educational content. The result? Young Nebraskans inspired to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math. Underserved populations with more opportunity to create and contribute. More kids discovering their true passions, talents and career opportunities. And the next generation of Nebraskans ready to enhance our workforce and become responsible community leaders.

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Livestock Systems

Nebraska is the global epicenter for beef production. That’s why it makes sense that Nebraska Extension has a team devoted solely to supporting every step of the beef industry—from pasture management to nutrition, from disease prevention to developing innovative cuts of beef. Backed by University research and resources, Nebraska Extension partners with cow-calf producers, backgrounding operations, feedlots and processors to help create a robust Nebraska beef industry that consistently produces high-quality beef safely, responsibly and profitably.

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Horticulture, Landscape, and Environmental Systems

Extension professionals work shoulder-to-shoulder with Nebraskans to sustainably manage community green spaces, protect natural resources, improve their landscapes and grow safe, nutritious food. Through Extension experts and resources, Nebraskans have what they need to make well-informed decisions related to their businesses, their health, their families and their hometowns. Nebraska Extension is an integral partner in helping Nebraska live up to its well-earned reputation as “The Good Life.”

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Agricultural Profitability

Nebraska agriculture is not just about producing more. It’s about being profitable doing it. Thanks to Extension, Nebraska producers gain a realistic understanding of their actual cost of production by analyzing each enterprise in their operation in order to reduce input costs and make better-informed decisions. That knowledge helps producers leverage everything from decisions about marketing and risk management to crop and livestock insurance, from land prices to federal farm programs—even navigating the transition of an operation from one generation to the next. Nebraska Extension has had a positive financial impact on millions of acres of farm and ranch land in our state, helping ensure the sustainability of Nebraska agriculture by making it more profitable.

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Food, Nutrition & Health

The health and wellbeing of Nebraskans is crucial for strong healthier communities, lower healthcare costs and better lives for all. Through Extension, Nebraskans are addressing the challenge of childhood obesity, improving their access to safe, nutritious food, and simply making better decisions when it comes to feeding themselves and their families. Extension brings University research and resources to all Nebraskans through school-based nutrition education, food safety training for foodservice workers and even connecting local farmers with school lunch programs. Nebraska Extension is creating consumer confidence in our food systems and nourishing the overall wellbeing of Nebraskans all across the state.

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Early Childhood

There is no greater responsibility or greater reward than supporting the development of young children and promoting family well-being. Nebraska Extension leverages well-designed University research and relevant resources to enhance high-quality learning experiences for children, families and early childhood professionals. Nebraska Extension’s experts foster partnerships with child-focused organizations across the state, nation and globally to enrich the field of early child care and education— with the ultimate goal of helping children and families grow and thrive in safe, healthy and supportive relationships.

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Rural Prosperity Nebraska

Vibrant rural communities are essential to the economic health of the entire state. Through Extension, rural communities find ways to engage citizens of every age, interest and background in reimagining the trajectory of the place they call home. Nebraska Extension links people across our state with University resources and research. Encouraging diversity, entrepreneurship, innovation and investment. Helping communities discover their strengths and transforming them into vitality and prosperity. Nebraska Extension convenes community stakeholders and facilitates discussions as they envision the future of their hometown—and turn that vision into reality.

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Water and Cropping Systems

Nebraska Extension is the go-to resource for Nebraskans as they seek unbiased research, proven science and just plain good advice. Nebraska Extension helps farmers adopt new technologies that reduce input costs, improve water quality, and increase production and profitability. Extension research on Nebraska farms helps producers evaluate the effectiveness of crop inputs and innovative management practices. From exploring the viability of diverse crops to managing the threats of pests, disease and weather extremes to protecting public lands and waterways—Nebraska Extension brings University resources to and has its imprint on millions of acres (and acre-feet) across Nebraska.

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