Nebraska Extension brings University of Nebraska expertise and research in 8 key areas of impact directly to Nebraskans from all walks of life in each of the state’s 93 counties. Nebraskans turn to Nebraska Extension to strengthen their families, inspire their communities, empower young people, conserve and protect natural resources and advance their farms, ranches and businesses.

Nebraskans can count on Nebraska Extension to connect with their families, children, business and communities by being:


Uniquely Local

We are where you are. We are the only team bringing the resources of the University of Nebraska to all 93 Nebraska counties, serving the distinct needs of Nebraskans from all walks of life in every corner of the state.



We love working with our fellow Nebraskans. We convene stakeholders, leaders, and experts to co-create solutions that make a positive impact on complex issues facing Nebraskans.



If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. We leverage the fundamental strengths of Nebraskans and the University to create results that truly matter to lives and livelihoods.



We answer to the Nebraskans we serve. We return Nebraskans’ investment in their University directly to their counties and communities, showing proof of performance through transparent reporting.



You can count on us for unbiased information. We provide scientifically sound insight that helps Nebraskans make important decisions with even greater confidence.



We’re here to serve all Nebraskans. We honor and respect every person and every interaction and proactively foster a welcoming and inclusive culture in which accessible, meaningful learning experiences are available for everyone.



We’re ready when and where Nebraskans need us. We listen to what’s on the minds of Nebraskans and assemble the right teams with the right expertise to address their challenges and capitalize on opportunities.



We’re never satisfied with the status quo. We anticipate and embrace change and continually challenge ourselves and our stakeholders to take a “what if?” and “why not?” approach to problem-solving.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Nebraska Extension is committed to cultivating inclusive excellence – embracing diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, and equity. Extension professionals will engage with community partners, organizations, and other audiences, as well as individuals within the organization in ways that reflect an understanding and value for individual differences (e.g., race/ethnicity, abilities, gender, sexual orientation, religion). Extension professionals will also recognize that particular populations have been and remain marginalized in US society and intentionally identify ways to remove barriers to those who have been historically underrepresented or excluded. Extension will strive to ensure that creative activities, research, learning experiences, and policies promote equity to address systemic causes of disparities. Nebraska Extension policies and practices will not discriminate based upon any protected status.

Our DEI Strategic Plan