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Cass County Extension is offering 24 summer 4-H workshops this summer.  Youth, along with parents, volunteers, and leaders will find fun, educational opportunities, experiences and skill developemnt that will help them grow as individuals, and prepare them for not only the fair, but for life.  The workshop flyer and registraion form will help you plan your summer and schedules.  

• Any high school student interested in Animal Science as a major.
• Meet current Animal Science students & other prospective students!
• Tour the UNL Animal Science Complex!
• Learn about clubs and extra-curricular activities at UNL!
• Eat a delicious meal at the CASNR Week Lunch on the Lawn hosted at the Animal Science Complex!
• Attend an actual Animal Science class to see what it’s like!
• Participate in a hands-on lab experiment with an Animal Science Professor!
• Wednesday April 18, 2018
Check in: 9:30 a.m. - Animal Science Complex Commons
Adjourn: 2:00 p.m. - Animal Science Complex Commons

Helpful, interesting, and timely articles written by our very own Sarah Browning, UNL Extension Educator

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4-H Juniors and Seniors

Take a Look at this opportunity, right here in Lincoln, NE!

DNA Envelopes:  

Submitting DNA has changed from last year.  This year in 2018 exhibitors will be responsible for submitting their own animal information into the AKSARBEN livestock database prior to the nomination deadline. 

In the past, families turned in DNA envelopes & breeding nomination cards to the Cass County office, the staff mailed them in to AKSARBEN, and the entry process was done manually.  Now, the database accepts animal information submitted directly by exhibitors, including the payments, for DNA. Families will have the ability themselves to edit incorrect information up to the deadline.

Goats and Sheep:

*NEW* this year 2018:  The official identification for all classes of goats and sheep is a Scrapie Tag.  No EID tags or 4-H tags are required for sheep and goats.

Before you can get Scrapie Tags, you must have a premise ID number and a Flock ID number, which the Department of Agriculture can assign to you.  Call them at 402-434-2300.  As long as their funds last, you can get Scrapie Tags free from them.  They also have a website you can visit at:


Nebraska Extension in Cass County

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