4-H Volunteer Requirements

We love our volunteers and all that you have to offer Cass County 4-H! 

Nebraska 4-H has updated the volunteer application process within the last two years. This process was developed to provide protection for our youth and volunteers. Volunteers are identified as direct or indirect.

Direct leaders include staff, faculty, club leaders, lead teachers/presenters, studen workers, summer interns, chaperones, and any other adults and teens acting as direct supervisors or mentors to youth in a paid, unpaid or volunteer status, as part of a youth activity. Volunteers who enroll in ne.4honline.com every year complete this process as a part of the enrollment.

Indirect Volunteers are “any person who provides support services for Youth Activities such as teaching assistants, superintendents, judges, food service, set-up crews, maintenance, and any other adults and teens providing indirect service as part of a youth activity.”

Indirect volunteers who have not enrolled in 4hOnline, must complete an annual youth activity worker application. Be assured this process is confidential.

We appreciate the willingness of our volunteers to complete these processes and hope we can all agree they are essential to the interest of protecting our youth and our volunteers.  More information about volunteering with Nebraska 4-H is available on the public Volunteer Resources page.

If you have any questions please contact Lauren at lstohlmann2@unl.edu or 402-267-2205.