What are 4-H School Enrichment Programs?

School enrichment programs are learning experiences offered to students during school hours by local 4-H educators. These programs are designed to enhance the subject matter being studied in the classroom, provide hands-on education, introduce a new topic to students, or spark a new interest!

The 4-H school enrichment program is a great way to connect and collaborate with your local Extension office and achieve your classroom educational goals. Our current programs focus on STEM and Agricultural Literacy. Don't see a program that fits your topic of interest? We are continually adding new offerings, and will work with you to build a custom program to meet your educational goals!

The cost to your classroom is minimal. If interested, please view the catalog below, and then complete the registration form with your program(s) of choice. Or you can send us an email at cass-county@unl.edu. We look forward to working with you and your students!

For information about virtual field trips available to your classroom visit the ESU Virtual Field Trips website.  To order go to UNL Marketplace.

2019-2020 Cass County School Enrichment Catalog

Supplemental Materials for Embryology Unit:

Supplemental Materials for Butterfly Unit