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4-H Photography Showcase

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 12:58

Reggie by Mahayla Allred (14), Dawes County

"I got a new puppy for Christmas. His name is Reggie and he is so funny. I think this shows his personality. I took this picture the day after Christmas with a Nikon D850. I did add a poster Edge filter on Adobe Photoshop to make the blacks of his body separate a little more."

Flaunt your photography, and submit your favorite photo for a chance for it to be showcased online by Nebraska 4-H!

The NEW 4-H Photography Showcase offers a project exhibition opportunity beyond traditional print media. 4-H'ers are invited to submit their favorite photos through the online submission form. Through this opportunity, youth are encouraged to practice and apply skills learned in their photography projects throughout the year. Each month, a new photo will be selected from the submissions and showcased online by Nebraska 4-H. 

Submit Your Photo

4-H Chick Days

Tue, 02/04/2020 - 10:18

The NEW 4-H Chick Days offers state 4-H contests and educational opportunities focused on poultry and food science. The event will be held at the Animal Science Complex on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln East Campus on Saturday, March 14th, 2020. 4-H Chick Days offers a variety of contests that don't require live animals, including:

  • egg decorating,
  • poultry quiz bowl,
  • photography,
  • omelet cookery, and
  • speech contests.

Youth have the opportunity to display their poultry and food science knowledge through these contests both as an individual and as part of a team. The contests are designed to encourage youth to explore what poultry and food science industries have to offer.

Scholarships and cash prizes will be awarded to senior champions of each contest. The senior champion team of the  Poultry Quiz Bowl Contest will win a scholarship of $2000. The team will also qualify to participate at the National Contest. The champion senior in all other contests will win a $50 cash prize. All age divisions champions will win other special awards such as ribbons, rosettes, and medals. 

Entry forms must be submitted by March 1, 2020 to:

  • University of Nebraska–Lincoln
    Dept. of Animal Science
    C/O Dr. Sheila Purdum
    PO Box 830908
    Lincoln, NE 68538

In addition to 4-H contests, Jodi Holmes, Nutrena Feed Rep., will be presenting a fun interactive seminar. Jodi will share how to successfully raise a backyard flock. Educational booths and activities will also be available throughout the day. Lunch will be provided free of charge for 4-H participants (and parents/guardians) in the 4-H Chick Days contests.

Learn More about 4-H Chick Days

Share Your Adventure for Nebraska 4-H Month

Fri, 01/31/2020 - 11:56

February is Nebraska 4-H Month! We want to see what 4-H is like from your perspective! Whether you're a 4-H professional, volunteer, member, parent, or even alumni - if you have a 4-H adventure to share, we want to see it! Share your story on social media with a photo or video, and be sure to tag @Nebraska4H and #NE4H. 

Consider hosting a Nebraska 4-H Instagram Takeover during Nebraska 4-H Month! The goal of our Instagram takeovers is to help tell the stories of 4-H. Ideas for takeovers include:

  • a day in the life of a 4-H volunteer, parent, professional etc.
  • behind-the-scenes of a 4-H project, contest, event, etc.
  • 4-H community service projects

Announcing Omaha Fashion Week 4-H Collection!

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 12:53

Check out Nebraska's most talented student designers! Omaha Fashion Week is kicking off with a Student Night on Tuesday, February 25. View collections from Nebraska 4-H, Burke High School, Omaha South High School, Omaha Central High School, Nebraska FCCLA, Joslyn Art Museum's Kent Bellows Mentoring Program, and Joslyn's Fashion Arts Mentor Program in partnership with Yates Community Center! Before the Show, OFW producer Brook Hudson will how a Q&A panel discussion on careers in creative industries such as fashion, beauty, design, and more! 

Thirty-six Nebraska 4-H members applied to participate in the 4-H collection. Garment entries were to be fashion-forward, runway appropriate, and display high-quality construction. The collection features garments with high-level skill and creativity. Congratulations to the 14 4-H members who were selected to show their garments on the runway at Omaha Fashion Week on Tuesday, February 25!

  • Kiersten Preister, Platte County
  • Matalie Wallin, Chase County
  • Amber Gonzalez, Red Willow County
  • Mariah Dather, Knox County
  • Karla Herrarte, Dawson County
  • Saidi Ringenberg, Dawson County
  • Sydni Ringenberg, Dawson County
  • Audrey Glaubius, Cuming County
  • AnnaLiese Reha, Hamilton County
  • Ellie Babcock, Lancaster County
  • Addison Zook, Butler County
  • Amma Haszard, Lancaster County
  • Abigail Haszard, Lancaster County
  • Mackenzie Sudbeck, Cedar County

Omaha Fashion Week will take place at the Omaha Design Center (near TD Ameritrade Park). Doors open at 6:00 PM. The Fashion Show begins at 8:00 PM. 

Omaha Fashion Week provides a professional platform to showcase the work of regional independent fashion designs on a bi-annual basis. Omaha Fashion Week has become the Midwest's largest fashion event. Student Night partners include Develop Model Management, the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program, Omaha Public Schools, FCCLA, Xenon Academy, and 4-H!

Tickets are required for all attendees. Tickets cost $10 and can be purchase direction from Omaha Fashion Week. Due to the popularity of the event, it is recommended to purchase tickets as early as possible. 

Purchase Tickets

Congratulations to the 2020 Congress Delegates

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 10:07

National 4-H Congress is an award program that provides recognition to 4-H youth for their outstanding performances and achievements in 4-H. It is held annually in Atlanta, Georgia. Each year, Nebraska 4-H can send delegates to National 4-H Congress. Nebraska delegates are selected for a trip to National 4-H Congress by submitting their Senior Achievement Application for state competition. This year, 15 Nebraska 4-H delegates were chosen to receive a partial scholarship to attend the 2020 National 4-H Congress. An additional 4 alternates were selected who may attend at their own expense. 

2020 Delegates & Alternates

4-H Photography Showcase

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 08:42

A Plate of History by Clare Bauman, Lancaster County

"This is a picture of the license plate from an old car at my grandpa's farm. I found out the car belongs to my great-uncle. I thought it was interesting because the license plate was celebrating the Centennial year of Nebraska. That was almost 40 years before I was born!"

Flaunt your photography, and submit your favorite photo for a chance for it to be showcased on the Nebraska 4-H social media channels.

The NEW 4-H Photography Showcase offers a project exhibition opportunity beyond traditional print media. 4-H'ers are invited to submit their favorite photos through the online submission form. Through this opportunity, youth are encouraged to practice and apply skills learned in their photography projects throughout the year. Each month, a new photo will be selected from the submissions and will be showcased online by Nebraska 4-H. 

Submit Your Photo

Now Accepting Applications for Omaha Fashion Week 4-H Collection

Fri, 01/03/2020 - 10:23

Omaha Fashion Week is the nation's 5th largest fashion event. In addition to supporting more independent fashion designers than any other organization in the region, Omaha Fashion Week supports young fashion designers by providing mentoring, educational opportunities, and a professional platform to showcase work.

Nebraska 4-H partners with Omaha Fashion Week during their Spring Showcase each year. OFW Student Night will take place on Tuesday, February 25, 2020, and will exclusively feature student designers, including a 4-H collection. This collection will consist of 10 to 12 garments from across the state. Each garment will be modeled by the 4-H member who made it. In order to create a complete and dynamic collection, interested 4-H members are invited to apply to participate in the show. For more information, visit the Omaha Fashion Week 4-H Collection webpage. 

Omaha Fashion Week 4-H Collection

2019 Fed Steer Challenge Results

Wed, 12/11/2019 - 10:28

The 4-H Fed Steer Challenge completed the inaugural year of the program this week. The goal of the program is to enhance the educational value of the traditional 4-H beef projects by providing an affordable option that rewards production merit and carcass value of the market animal, along with accurate and complete record-keeping, industry knowledge, and producer engagement by the 4-H member.

Thank you to 4+ Feeders out of Lexington for serving as the producer which supplied the steers this year. Thank you also to: The Nebraska Cattlemen Foundation, The Marilyn Schmidt Ag Outreach Program, and the Nebraska 4-H Foundation for sponsoring awards and educational expenses for the program.

Those youth completing the 2019 4-H Fed Steer Challenge are:

  • Chase Bartels, Saline County
  • Katrina Beel, Brown County
  • Moriah Beel, Brown County
  • Logan Buhrman, Cuming County
  • Tyler Dunburg, Kearney County
  • Lydia Fitzke, Adams County
  • Sydney May, Hamilton County
  • Kelsee Moffatt, Garden County
  • John O'Dea, Red Willow County
  • Ty Ostendorf, Howard County
  • Lacey Schmidt, Thayer County
  • Leah Schmidt, Thayer County
  • Braden Schulte, Buffalo County
  • Spencer Walahoski, Dawson County

The participants competed in multiple categories including Growth Performance (ADG), Carcass Merit, Record Book, and Final Showcase Presentation. Category scores were tabulated and awarded at the 2019 Nebraska Cattlemen Convention held in Kearney, NE on December 5th.

Growth Performance refers to the average daily gain of the animal from the time they were selected to the time of harvest. Top 3 Growth Performance category winners are:

  1. Spencer Walahoski
  2. Katrina Beel
  3. Kelsee Moffatt

Carcass merit scores were based first on the grid price received and second on the total value of the carcass. Top 3 Carcass Merti category winners are:

  1. Spencer Walahoski
  2. Lydia Fitzke
  3. Leah Schmidt

Record books were scored on completeness of records and the ability to show growth in knowledge of their project and the beef industry. Top 3 Record Book category winners are:

  1. Leah Fitzke
  2. Logan Burhman
  3. Kelsee Moffatt

Final Showcase Presentations were hosted at the Nebraska Cattlemen Convention where youth were asked to put together a display to highlight their project. There they were interviewed and scored based on knowledge of, as well as creativity in highlighting the project. Top 3 Showcase Presentation category winners are:

  1. Spencer Walahoski
  2. Tyler Danburg
  3. Kelsee Moffatt

Out top five Overall category winners receive a cash award as well as a $500 scholarship to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Ag Sciences and Natural Resources. Nebraska 4-H Fed Steer Challenge Overall winners are:

  1. Spencer Walahoski
  2. Kelsee Moffatt
  3. Logan Buhrman
  4. Lydia Fitzke
  5. Tyler Danburg

A big congratulations to all the participants who complete the Nebraska 4-H Fed Steer Challenge. The Fed Steer Challenge program will continue in 2020. For more information, visit the 4-H Fed Steer Challenge webpage. 

4-H Fed Steer Challenge

Nebraska Livestock Judging Team Places at Nationals

Mon, 11/25/2019 - 10:21

Nebraska's 4-H Livestock Judging Team recently participated in the National 4-H Livestock Judging Contest. The contest was held at the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) on November 20, 2019, in Louisville, KY. Thirty states were represented with 109 participants in the contest.

Nebraska's four-person team from Box Butte County included:

  • Jayce Meyring 
  • Wade Sanders 
  • Macala Hood
  • Jayda Meyring

The team was coached by Jay Meyring, Shauna Meyring, and Teresa Sanders.

Together, the Nebraska team finished 12th Overall and was only 4 points from being in the top 10. The team also placed 12th in sheep and goats, 12th in beef, 16th in swine, and 17th in reasons. Individuals are also recognized as All-Americans for placing in the top 20 overall. Jayce Meyring was recognized as an All-American for placing in 15th overall. Jayce also placed 17th in Beef, and Jayda Meyring placed 20th in Performance Beef.

Following the awards breakfast, Macala Hood said: "Even though the competition was tough; I think for us and how young we are we really did do great!"

"Then to be able to represent Nebraska in something on the national level was truly an honor," said Wade Sanders.

The team was awarded this opportunity as the first place senior livestock judging team at the 2019 state 4-H contest. The state 4-H livestock judging contest is held each year as part of the Premier Animal Science Event (PASE) at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. PASE offers a variety of 4-H animal science contests, including meats judging, poultry judging, livestock judging, livestock skillathon, and livestock quiz bowl. Each year, the top placing senior teams are awarded opportunities to participate in national 4-H contests. In 2020, PASE will be held on June 22-23.

"It was and is truly a dream come true to compete at Nationals," said Jayce Meyring.

"The opportunity was amazing, and it was so much fun to be able to see the country and livestock around the area, especially the horses," Jayda Meyring said. "And hopefully, it won't be the last time." She hopes to return to NAILE in the future as a college competitor.

Now Accepting Volunteer Award Nominations

Wed, 11/06/2019 - 10:59

Nebraska 4-H is now accepting nominations for the Salute to Excellence Volunteer Awards. Nebraska 4-H will recognize one volunteer from each of the two categories:

  • The Volunteer of the Year Award (VOY) is for currently serving 4-H volunteers who have served as 4-H volunteers less than 10 years at the local, county, district, or state level. 
  • The Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award (OLV) is for current or former 4-H volunteers who have served 10 or more years at the local, county, district, or state level. 

Nomination packets must be submitted by a nominator by December 18, 2019. Packets should be submitted to Cathy Johnston at A complete nomination packet must include a resume of the nominee's 4-H and relevant community volunteer experience, three (3) letters of recommendation, and a high-quality headshot of the nominee. Nominators should use the application template when developing the nomination packet. 

Download Nomination FormReview Full Nomination Procedures

Nebraska Youth to Participate in Virtual Statewide NYSD Event

Fri, 10/25/2019 - 11:27

Nebraska youth will join others around the world in the 12th annual 4-H National Youth Science Day (NYSD) challenge. Nebraska 4-H is hosting a virtual NYSD event for afterschool sites across the state on Tuesday, October 29. Nebraska's headquarters for the challenge is at Raising Nebraska in Grand Island. This space is designed to allow visitors to see agriculture from virtually every angle -- form water conservation to soil health, animal well-being to food safety, invention to innovation, and from economic impact to global hunger. Approximately 10 afterschool sites from across Nebraska, ranging from Chadron to Superior, will interact and complete the NYSD challenge via video conference.

"Nebraska is a big state. That's why we decided to use technology to bring experiences in computer science to rural programs all across the state," said Saundra Wever Frerichs, Extension Assistant Professor of Science Education. "In 4-H, we work hard to be innovative and creative in how we teach STEM. Today, we're using games and technology to learn about computer science, agriculture, and technology in a way that is fun and impactful."

This year's challenge, Game Changers, is designed to teach young people computer science skills through four engaging hands-on activities. The challenge was developed by Google and West Virginia University Extension Service. Game Changers uses physical activity and puzzles to teach kids important computer science concepts and problem-solving skills, creating real-world connections between computer science and civic engagement, healthy living, and agriculture. 

4-H NYSD is an annual program that provides access and opportunity for kids everywhere to take an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by participating in a hands-on STEM challenge. Youth conduct the challenge at thousands of local events in all 50 states, and in countries around the world, throughout October. 

Learn More About NYSD

2020 Enrollment Now Open!

Mon, 10/21/2019 - 11:54

Enrollment is now open for the 2020 program year! Enrollment is not required for many 4-H programs and events. However, club and independent members are required to officially enroll through 4-H Online each year to maintain membership. By enrolling, youth have the opportunity to participate in county fairs, the Nebraska State Fair, and additional statewide events and events. Club and project leaders must also enroll through 4-H Online each year. There is no state-level fee for officially enrolling. However, some counties or clubs may implement their own annual fees. Additionally, each county implements their own enrollment deadlines. Please contact your local 4-H office for more information.

Enrollment instructions are available for new club members, returning club members, new club leaders, and returning club leaders.

Enrollment InstructionsNebraska 4-H Online Enrollment System

Nebraska 4-H Horticulture Team Places at National Competition

Mon, 10/21/2019 - 08:26

Nebraska's 4-H Horticulture Team and Honors Division individual placed at the National Horticulture Contest. The contest was held in Lincoln, Nebraska on October 12, 2019. The four-person team placed fourth overall. Each individual also placed in the top 20, with one team member placing in the top 10. The team, coached by Elizabeth Killinger, Nebraska Extension Educator, consisted of:

  • Josiah Ketelsen, Boone County
  • Grace Cruise, Dodge County
  • Sawyer Kappel, Colfax County
  • Jeffrey Lohse, Gage County

The competition included eight sets of judging, an 80 question test, and identification of 100 horticulture specimens such as weeds, twigs, leaves, fruit, flowers, and underground structures. Lohse placed sixth individually overall. Cruise placed 12th, Kappel placed 13th, while Ketelsen placed 18th overall. Together, the four-person team placed fourth. 

Members of the team and individuals that placed 1st previously at Nationals are invited back to participate in the Honor's Division. Erik Henry of Omaha was a member of the Nebraska 2017 National Champion Horticulture Team. This year, he participated as an individual in the Honor's Division at Nationals and had to identify 25 additional samples that were more challening. Henry placed 5th in the Honors Division.

"I'm extremely proud," Killinger said. "They worked hard and it all paid off."

The team held practice on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln campuses to prepare for the contest. The students brough plant specimens to examine and identify, and Killinger also collected some for the team. 

The Nebraska 4-H Foundation also contributed to the team, helping to defray travel costs for the members.

The 2020 contest will be October 9 in Wilmington, DE.

Celebrate National 4-H Week with Nebraska 4-H!

Fri, 09/27/2019 - 12:52

Join over 6 million young people, 500,000 volunteers and 3,500 4-H professionals in celebrating America’s largest youth organization during National 4-H Week held October 6-12. Everyone, including youth, parents, alumni, volunteers and professionals are invited to join in on this nationwide celebration!

Monday: 4-H Volunteer Appreciation Day

On Monday, October 7th, Nebraska 4-H will be celebrating our amazing volunteers! Over 12,000 caring adults volunteer their time to help grow the next generation of true leaders here in Nebraska. And we can’t thank them enough! We’re asking youth across the state to celebrate with us and show their own appreciation for the volunteers in their lives. 4-H’ers are encouraged to go above and beyond by writing thank you cards, baking treats or sharing shout-outs on social media.

Tuesday: 4-H Spirit Day

Show your 4-H pride on Spirit Day! Wear your favorite 4-H shirt and other 4-H swag on Tuesday, October 8th. This day is for everyone, from 4-H’ers and volunteers, to alumni and professionals! Show us your 4-H spirit using #NE4H!

Wednesday: 4-H Professional Appreciation Day

On Wednesday, Nebraska 4-H will be celebrating our 4-H Professionals across the state! Over 200 professionals deliver and support 4-H programming in Nebraska and not only during the summer months. These individuals are working hard throughout the year delivering school enrichment programs, planning special interest opportunities, supporting afterschool programs, and much more! 4-H’ers are encouraged to celebrate by thanking their local 4-H professionals with thank you cards, delivering gift baskets or treats to their local Extension office, or sharing shout-outs on social media.

Thursday: 4-H Throwback

On Thursday, October 10th, we’ll be celebrating with a classic throwback – Throwback Thursday that is! Join us by sharing your own throwback photos and using #NE4H! 4-H alumni of all ages are invited to share throwback of their “good ole days” in 4-H!

Friday: Give 4 for 4-H

Finally, on Friday, consider paying it forward by donating $4 for 4-H. Gifts to the Nebraska 4-H Foundation support specific 4-H programs areas, teen and adult leadership education, volunteer programs, member recognition, project clinics, camps and much more! With private support from individuals, the Nebraska 4-H Foundation is able to fund new 4-H programs and improve existing programs at the county, district, and state levels. Consider donating $4 for 4-H, and pay it forward through the Nebraska 4-H Foundation.

State Fair 4-H Results Now Available!

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 14:50

State Fair 4-H static exhibit results are now available online and on the 4-H at State Fair mobile app. Check back regularly for updates, including contest and livestock show results.

State Fair 4-H Results WebsiteDownload 4-H at State Fair mobile app